A Night On Our Beach

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ali and my beach

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



I have my arm around you as we lean back against the rough bark of the palm tree;
The warm sand between our toes.
There are kids running around, splashing through the water and building sand castles, decorated with shells.
As the sun sets on the almost cloudless sky,
It lights the sky in a myrad of colors and turns what few clouds there are crimson,
The sillouetts of whales become visable amongst some boats,
The wind carrying the excited voices to us,
While the birds chirp and the insects buzz,
And the waves crash inceasently on the shore,

The moon begins to rise behind us,
The faded light begins to revive itself,
Revealing the fishing boats comming in and the people searching the beach for shells,
A slight breeze carries the quiet sound of far off mothers calling their kids in for the night,
The waves create a steady beat as choruses of insects sing,
Starting a whispered song only intterupted by the occaisonal bird.

A lizard scampers on the tree above us,
As we turn to look at it we see the moon is already above us,
Turning our beach into a black and white landscape,
The quiet roar of wind through the palm trees adds itself to the waves and the insects,
Creating on our beach a quiet, beautiful song,
One just for us,
And as i hold u closer to me i realize,
The most beautiful thing on this beach;
Is you. <3

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