Our last moments together

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death simply broke her heart, left her soul cold without having the chance to speak her last words for her one and onyl true love, her soul mate and her other half.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




one day it was the end
the end of everything
end of her
the day that he left
everything was over
just like that
with the blink of an eye
with a single breath
with a single tear
from an eye
that saw
with a heart
that felt.
what was it like
to be touched
by the scarf of love
that was made of memories
the ones that she'll never forget
the white and red
was the first meeting of them
the painting that they made together
the blue
was when the first kissed under the big blue sky that was covering them.
and last color was pink
the color of the leaves
of the trees that were in the spring
they just kept falling
covering the park's ground
the park where he asked her
will u be my other half
she can still feel it as it was yesterday
but it was all gone
shes standing there
thinking to herself
was it all worth it?
but then
she faces the truth
the cruel life itself
the truth that broke them apart
the one reason why she's standing there
near him
but cant say a word
or let him know she feels him
that she loves him
and still and will always miss him
that every tear she cried was for him
every breath was for him
life itself meant being with him
with the touch of his warm loving heart
with the moments that they shared together
with the three words they always spoke of and felt with their soul
the words
"i love u"
but this was life
it took her away from her
the one thing that took her away
the reason why they were apart
the reason why they were both suffering
it was hard to face it
but it happened
it was


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Our last moments together

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