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This is a flash fiction that I had done for my creative writing class. A girl realizes that she had what she wanted all along.


Dressed in a blue gown embroidered in gold, a girl walked through the woods. She was tired of feeling like a bird in a cage. She walked down an unknown path and trailed her had along the leaves. The light speckled her honey golden hair adorned with gold flowers. Behind her, a branch snapped. She drew a sharp breath and spun to face her stalker. No one was there. Afraid of being found, she turned and ran.
The butler in black stared into the woods with pale blue eyes. He needed to find her, and soon. Drawing a deep breath of uncertainty, he walked forward into the darkening forest, going in one direction until he heard a soft crunch at his feet. He looked down then moved his foot. There rested a golden rose from her hair half hidden by leaves. He knew where she was going.
She panted as she neared the river. She was tired of them making decisions without her consent. She wasn't about to be forced to marry for riches. Choking back a sob, she gathered her skirts and walked into the water, stopping at a drop off, the water up to her thighs. Despite the calm of the river, her thoughts remained a torrent. She couldn't last any longer.
He ran hard, determined to reach her before the inevitable happened. Why didn't he see it before? He was at fault for not listening to her when he chance rose. He skid to a stop when he reached the bank, panting. In the water stood the girl. She faced him, grasping the locket he had given her. On her face was a weak smile of a broken spirit. With a shift of her weight, she fell into the water. He called out her name.
She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the cold water swallow her and relaxed as she felt herself slip away. She soon found herself watching the events unfold before her. The butler dove into the water. A few moments later, he rose above the surface with her pale figure in his arms. He pulled her limp body to the bank, struggling to compose himself as he put a ear to her chest and listened for a heartbeat.
She felt someone watching, and turned around. In front of a light, she saw two silhouettes. She recognized them. It was her mother and her best friend, who both died during the plague. The girl turned when she heard the boy speak quickly as he grasped her hand and searched her face. She felt a pain at her chest. She knew what she had to do. She mouthed, "I'm sorry," to the others and drifted back to her limp body, sinking into herself.
The butler sobbed, muttering apologies and confessing everything held inside. That same moment, the girl gasped awake, coughing up the water in her lungs. The boy held her close, apologizing for what he didn't see, and promised to never leave again.

Submitted: November 10, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Runic Birdsong. All rights reserved.

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