I Love you...I Love You Not

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Young Zoey Marie finds herself falling for an angel who has fallen from grace or more known as Asher Hail . Everything is going fine but theres just one problem...his dad is Satan...literally.
Will God forgive Asher and let him back into heaven...?

Submitted: January 19, 2011

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Submitted: January 19, 2011



I looked around where I was standing. I was in my cap and gown waiting on my name to be called from the announcer so I could travel up the very small 4 steps to the gym stage that was separating me from my high school diploma. I felt nervous, anxious, happy and sad all at the same time.

I had curled my long blondish brownish locks to make it look presentable but not over the top…like most girls did today. I guess that’s what made me different, I didn’t try to look pretty….I just did whatever I felt like to my hair and barely applied any makeup. I don’t like to wear super tight close or really short dresses…actually…I don’t like dresses skirts or high heels at all for that matter. But today all that didn’t matter…I was here at my graduation in front of over 2000 people in a knee length white dress and shiny silver high heels with my required gown over top of it all. Not to mention my cap squashing my hair…it was kind of like a bow on a Christmas present…it didn’t seem right without it…but at the same time it looks ridiculous with it.

That could be the vary reason why I was fidgeting impatiently in my spot just waiting as I heard my best friends name be called off.

“Marina Bickford” I heard the deep voice say. I looked up and saw as her shoulder length dark brown hair bounced when she walked upon the stage. Smiling she took the yellow envelope the principle was holding, shook his hand posed for a picture for her parents and then walked off the stage and sat down. I took a deep breath knowing it was my turn next.

“Zoey Marie Blackburn”
“ughh” I groaned under my breath as I heard my middle name be called out so the whole world could hear it. Someone from behind gave me a slight nudge on the small of my back snapping me out of my thoughts. I held my head high and made my way up the steps, onto the stage and then it happened. Like every other time I ever got on a stage in front of a hell of a lot of people, I froze. I looked around nervously and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breath and that I had been standing up there fro an eternity just staring at everyone and their expecting faces beaming with pride.

I spotted my brother who was also graduating with me and he grinned from ear to ear making me regain my confidence I had once before. I looked at the principle and smiled nervously, shook his old and withered hand, grabbed my envelope and before I walked off the stage I thought I heard him mutter something to me but I couldn’t be sure.

I sat down in my seat beside Marina and heard my brothers name being called out and then a bunch of whispers and giggles came from all the girls. Hoots and things like “yeah go Gage!” was called out from the boys. It didn’t surprise me…my brother was one of the most popular boys in school and usually it was us that held all the after parties…kind of like tonight.

You see…me and Gage live by ourselves…we kind of take care of each other I guess you could say. Our parents were filthy rich and while they were going on a business trip to Hawaii they’re plane crashed killing everyone on board. Me and Gage didn’t really know our parents though…they died when we was only a couple of days old…they had left us with one of their family friends and she kind of took us in ‘til we were 16. that’s when she got on drugs and over dosed….we’ve been living on our own in a huge mansion ever since then. My twin sat down beside me and gave me a huge congratulations hug, I turned and hugged him back smiling and when we pulled away I was lost in thought once more.

The rest of the day kind of sped by without me noticing…I don’t know why but today I was sad…not because I was leaving all my friends…because most of them usually lived with us…but because I wished my parents could have seen me. Then I wondered silently if they would be proud of what I’ve done with my life.

((A/N: ok sooo....this is my first time posting on here and i just joined today....PLUS i wrote this story at 4 in the morning so sorry for mistakes in grammar and such. but anyways...since i just joined...im still trying to figure out how to add other chapters....its kinda complicated with my computer... but i already have like the next 3 chapters written...and yes they are a lot longer than this xD all my beginnings are kind of short :p but anyways i promise promise *yes i say that twice...dont judge -_-* that i will update as soon as i can mk? mk (: comment rate and and such <3 see ya bye guys! :D))

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