I Love you...I Love You Not (Part 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Young Zoey Marie finds herself falling for an angel who has fallen from grace or more known as Asher Hail . Everything is going fine but theres just one problem...his dad is Satan...literally.
Will God forgive Asher and let him back into heaven...?

Submitted: January 20, 2011

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Submitted: January 20, 2011



  I walked down the long stair case and about half way down I could already smell the sweat, booze, throw up, food and slutty perfume. When I finally got to the living room I about tore my hair out. There was people laying everywhere passed out and/or hung over and everything imaginable in the floor. You name it and there it was.

I went on a search for my brother, and found him in his room on the 1st floor laying beside a naked girl in his bed with the lights out, the curtains closed and his head buried in his pillow. I knew he was hung over…and I just for letting everyone trash the house this bad I was going to be a bitch. I slammed the door as hard as I could and Gage sat right up.

“What the fuck Zoey?!”

“I seen the house Gage.” I said giving him the death glare.

“So what about it?” he asked but I could tell he was just playing dumb.

“Oh I don’t know…maybe the fact that its FUCKING TRASHED!” I screamed and Gage winced.
“I am NOT cleaning that up…last time it was that bad you promised me it wouldn’t happen again seeing as how YOU was the one hung over and I was the one who had to clean everything up. So get out of bed get all these idiots out of the house and start cleaning” I said trying to calm myself.

The girl beside him started to stir and I could tell my yelling had woken her up. Gage poked her.

“Jazlyn wake up.” he said softly.

“Just a couple more minutes babe.” she whispered sleepily and snuggled into his chest. I looked at him and then looked down at her with disgust.

“She your girlfriend?” I asked tapping my foot.

“No…just a one nighter.” Gage said casually as if it was nothing.

“Good.” was the only thing I said before grabbing the slutty girls arm and throwing her out of my brothers bed. Gage looked at me surprised.

“Get out of my house right now.” I said as I felt anger boiling up inside me. She looked at me with the same look Gage gave me…surprised. “I don’t think I stuttered!” I yelled at her getting more and more pissed off by the second. Finally slut grew some balls and spoke.

“This isn’t just your house, I can stay here if I want.” she said flipping her rats nest that she called hair.

“No Jazlyn…maybe you should go…” Gage said looking down at her worried…he knew that I would throw her out the door with no clothes if she kept it up.

“Fine!” she said and got up to find her clothes. I grabbed her arm again.

“Nope…you wanna be a bitch so can I.” I said dragging her from my brothers room on the 1st floor to the front door and slung it open. She wasn’t that heavy and seeing as how she was hung over It wasn’t that hard to move her.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she screamed at me. Which only made me wanna do it more. I gave her a quick glance before I threw her out onto the grass in our front lawn, hurried and closed the door and locked it. I turned around and Gage was looking at me like I was the 8th wonder of the world.


“You just threw Jazlyn out with no clothes on!” he half yelled half whispered.

“So?” I asked wondering why it was such a big deal

“Nothing.” he murmured and started to walk away

“Nuh uh you aint getting off that easy.” I called after him. He turned around looking annoyed.

“What do you want now?” he asked tiredly.

“Your cleaning the house up after you take some meds for your hang over.” I said walking away into the living room and plopped down on one of the couches that didn’t look disgusting and didn’t have people passed out on it.

“Zoey come on please help me clean up….I cant do this all by myself you know!” my brother whined motioning to the mess everywhere caused by the party my brother had thrown last night. Usually I would have participated in all of this but last night was different. After me and Gage went out to eat I came home got dressed in pajamas, trudged to my bedroom, locked the door, and fell asleep.

“Ugh! Gage damn it! Why the hell did you decide to throw the end of the year party?!” I asked him getting annoyed with his whining.

“Cuz we throw the best parties.” he said looking at me with a huge grin on his face. He had a point though…if me and Gage hadn’t threw every party there was when we were in high school…everyone would’ve been hopeless.

I sighed in defeat looking at the beer bottles and cans, wet condoms, cups, food, plastic bags, and all sorts of other disgusting stuff that was everywhere. I looked at him weirdly.

“What the fuck were you guys doing with these condoms?!”
He laughed at the memory.

“We were using them for water balloons if that’s ok with you?” he said in a smart ass tone as usual.

“Gage…were filthy rich…why didn’t you guys just go out and but some goddamn water balloons?” I asked not wanting to touch them incase he was lying.

“We were drunk and you sure as hell wasn’t about to drive us. I don’t see how you slept up there.”

“Whatever lets just get this cleaned up. Its disgusting.”

“It is.” he agreed sniffing the air and cringed at the horrible smell.


((A/N: im really pleased with this chapter...and yes Zoey is kind of a bitch...i forgot to tell you guys that earlier...but hey, can you blame her? i mean honestly...her parents died when she was a couple days old and a druggie raised her and her brother. :l kinda sad...but anyways...you guy should get to meet asher around...idk...the next chapter i think...probably....more than likely :p. welp...nuff said....see ya bye guys! :D comment and such! <3 {: ))

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