Creative Writing (Sentence Style)

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Random Creative Writing I did at school... Each sentence is a totally new thought.

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013



As I waded into the water, my body dried, and I felt my skin peel away.

“Gather, Potatoes!”, shouted the spud, gathering the congregation, “we must rebel against the farmer today!”.

The sign to the highway ran away, leaving people alone and confused. Play me like a fiddle, and I’ll beat you like a drum.

“Delete me!”, I screamed, stressed beyond belief.

One does not simply mess with the OCD.

The junkie sat in the alleyway, injecting his favourite type of coffee, “Brazilian Blend”.

Molly was busy collecting bugs off of the street, when the garbage truck drove past her, and picked her up.

“Honey wake up!” said the left foot to the right foot.

“I’m super bored”, the man said, as he looked up from the fresh arm he was eating.

“I’d like nuts please”, requested the man at the grocery store.

One fish, two fish, red fish, dead fish.

The ball flew through the air, screaming at the top of it’s lungs.

Derek frollicked happily through the “Fields Of Foreverness”, leaping and gliding with the ever present wind.

Corrina threw her knife, it’s blade embedding in Rebecca’s chest.

The blood of the deceased spread slowly along the floor of the cafe, the red stream mixing with the dark brown of spilled coffee.

The air of the forest was clear, and only the sound of the eating trees could be heard.

The cat chased after the evil “red dot”, determined to end the life of it’s foe.

The old lady that swallowed the fly didn’t actually die, she roams the forests at night, and eats unsuspecting children.

“Turn it off!” yelled the mom to her son, shutting his laptop and accidentally ending her son’s life. "Nice coconuts", said the man to the coconut tree.

The seagull pecked out the eyes of the small child, his blood staining the pavement below, people gathered, some cheered, nobody had liked the small child.

He let out a melancholy scream as he dug the the knife deeper into his soft, tender flesh.

The sun giggled happily as it burned and blinded the people on the planet below.

QT 3.14.

I don't want to TACO 'bout it right now, I CANTALOUPE with you anyway.

Are you Copper Tellurium? Because you are CuTe!

The flights flickered and went out, leaving the people in the dark.

"I'd like to buy some food", said the man to the crowbar.

"You say you lost your BASS?" asked the boy, "maybe you DROPPED it?".

HELP! I'm in big TREBLE!

The Oak tree tripped and fell, clubbing Billy over the head with one of his large branches.

The geese meandered through the field, eating whatever bodies they could find in the long grass. The paper cut was bleeding out, unable to seal, and the blood was dripping down Freddie's arm. As the pieces were placed, the puzzle's picture formed.

Squiggles the thunder worm hurried to the harbor.

The Bluetooth sat comfortably in Jon's ear, immitating the annoying voice of his mother.

The teacher slipped a responsible amount of Arsenic into her student's drinks.

"I need psychological help," said Lizzie the lizard, to her neighbor.

The spoon hit the other spoon in anger screaming "I'll spoon you like you've never been spooned before!"

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