Fantasy Awakens

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This fantasy has been brought to life. Just because a young girl pulled a sword from thw sand. All those stories are true. :)
This is a random short story of fantasy. I went crazy about fantasy and made a short story. :)) Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



Fantasy Awakens



I watched the horizon drown into the ocean waves, the last of the golden light barley visible. A noise rattled in a cave, then something came up suddenly from the water. I stood alarmed, looking around for what it could have been. Where the seagulls should be, was two green wings. Something shined in the sand…I know it must have been a shell. I kneeled down and dusted the sand away from the sparkle. Instead of a shell, it was a sword. Beautiful carvings were in the swords blade, and in the handle. I picked it up and a huge light came from the sky. The noise from the cave became louder, and I heard splashes from the ocean, and the splashes weren’t waves crashing onto the shore. The moon rose, and the stars started to glisten one by one. Bunches of things flittered from the cave, and they were so fast it was hard to make out what they were. The splashes became louder…and something was coming toward me from the rocks that surrounded the lighthouse. Tiny snowflakes fell from the sky, even though it was summer… Something made a shadow around me and I turned around at the moment I saw it. A castle towered above me, and in the particular spot, it was not snowing. I noticed the noise I heard from the rocks was galloping…and the green thing that was flying towards me was a—

My instincts told me to run away, even though it could have been my imagination. I ran into the cave that all those winged things flew out of. A colorful globe was in the center, the colors swirling inside the glass. The cave shook, something was on top of it. Crawling to the back of the cave, I help the sword out in front of me. Light filled the cave, covering everything inside. Then the surface of the cave was not sand anymore, it was grass. The light flickered, then stopped. Horns were sounded outside, the splashes continued, and the thing that was on top of the cave suddenly left. I got up and walked slowly to the entrance. The beach was still there, and the grass ended, but when I turned around a meadow was there instead of cliffs. The sun replaced the moon. The same castle stood and the thing I saw before soared around it.

A dragon... a green dragon circled the castle. Then the splashes caught my attention. When I turned around I saw three women swimming. A fin came behind one when she dived under. A…mermaid? Something tapped my back and I turned around again. She floated, her face facing mine. Wings stuck out from her back, and she was tiny. A fairy. The things that flew from the cave were fairies. Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, Castles? A neigh came from the top of a hill. Two horses have been the ones galloping on the rocks, which were now gone. Then I realized the weren’t horses. They were unicorns. A rainbow came from the cave, coming out of the globe I saw earlier. It  streaked across the sky. A loud voice boomed. “You’re the one who pulled the sword, and let the magic free.”

Apparently, I pulled the mystical sword which kept all of these fairytales locked away. All those stories were true. The next thing the voice said surprised me. “You’re the queen of this world.” My mouth fell open and gazed at the sword in awe. My world I once knew was gone. I was in this world of the awakened fantasy.

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