You are not pretty Enough

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Just a short horror story, not really horror but pretty muchit is. I made it a while back when I was bored.

Submitted: May 23, 2009

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Submitted: May 23, 2009




You are not pretty ENOUGH


I was in my friend’s car looking out the window. The green leaves were dull and the flowers were pretty. It was pitch dark and I could only see a couple stars shining overhead. I was looking at the cliff that hung over us- we were driving up a spiral road. The party I was at was held in the lower of our island-and since we had quite a bit alcohol I would probably crash or go over the edge of the road. I saw a figure fall of the cliff that was high enough for someone to kill themselves by falling. I squinted my eyes but not dare tell my babbling friend-she gets scared easily. It looked like a person, or maybe an animal- I could not tell. I kept quiet and saw something move through the trees. I looked more carefully; but still could not see anything but the green trees. I sighed then a few seconds after the car immediately stopped. My breathing got uneven- I felt like I was going to puke. A gun was pointed at me and the person pulled the trigger. It hit my friend through the temple and her eyes went to the back of her head. I screamed so loud I could here the echo. Then he, or she, took me out of the car and dragged me the cliff that was near. The person put a rope around my arms and pushed me. I felt air whip my bare skin as I fell. Then everything went blank and all I could remember was pool of blood around me.

I blinked a few times. It was very bright and all I saw were people dressed in white. I used my arms to help me get up but I could not move them. I looked at them and there were casts on each one. I heard voices outside. It sounded like my mom…dad…sister. I wondered. Why was I here? Shouldn’t I be at my house? A man came and shooed all the others away. He looked at me and touched my forehead. I tried to talk but nothing came out. My throat was dry and it hurt to even breathe. I looked up at him-he had no expression. He stared at me, acting like I was a person that could die any second. He opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out. He cleared his throat and started. “I am glad you’re up. We need to talk about a couple things.” What? Well-I would like to ask why I am in here, but I can not talk. Just try to breathe. “What happened last night?” I thought and I tried to get the words out-it hurt so much. “I-I was at a party…” I coughed even though it hurt so badly. The man looked concerned. Suddenly I was gagging. Then I choked something out. It was something I don’t remember swallowing. Something I would never swallow. It was a ring, a diamond ring. The man looked scared-but kept calm. “Now-what happened?” I felt better, and I could remember more clearly. “I was at a friend’s house-and I got a little drunk-so my friend drove me home…then I saw—a thing fall off the cliff. Then the car stopped.” I went blank there. I could not remember anything else. I thought harder-harder than ever. Nothing came. I looked at him. “Who are you?” He still was serious. No smile, no frown, no other emotion. “I am Doctor Ray.” It made a lot more sense. I was in a hospital but why? I looked at my arms-and then the diamond ring. Something in the ring flashed. It was not my reflection, something else. It was the scene, the one I forgot. I was in the car. The whole thing was rewound, and stopped where it went blank. I thought. Should I tell him, or not? I sighed and began where I left off. “Then someone was at my window-and pointed a gun at me, but it went into my friend’s head.” I shuddered. She was my friend. And I wasn’t balling or at a funeral? “…And then he took me out-and put a rope around my arms, and he pushed me off.” He nodded. He left me and I was there in the bed by myself.



5 months later…


I was walking up and down the aisles of the store. All I could see was junk. I walked out with no bag in my hands and got onto my bike. I am sixteen and still riding a bike? You are probably wondering. Yeah-don’t have my license yet, the teacher literally hates me. I road over the rocks and passed a couple streets. My arms were better and so was my throat. I was wearing the diamond ring that I choked up a couple months ago. I was seeing if it would bring me back again. I was going down the spiral road. Cars were going fast-but I didn’t pay attention. I was looking at the cliffs. Suddenly- something fell off. I stood there-in the middle of the road. Cars were honking at me, but I didn’t hear. I rode into the trees and I stopped just to see a stray dog. I sighed. Then something slit my throat. I fell to the ground and looked up. It was a woman. She had a torn up wedding dress on and a hole through her chest. She held a gun in one hand- and a knife in the other. In a muffled voice she said, “You are not pretty enough.” She took the ring off my finger, I heard a gun shot, and then everything went blank.

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