You are not pretty enough: How it started

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how it started :) this was 200 years ago all those poor girls that suffered :(lol

Submitted: June 01, 2009

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Submitted: June 01, 2009



My wedding day came. The day I have been waiting for all my life finally came. I was fixing the veil, while the other girls fixed my dress. A wide smile came across my face when I saw my image in the mirror. I couldn’t help it.  My father came into the room, tuxedo on and his tie in place, with his hair slicked back. Though he hardly had any hair.

“It is time!” he said proudly. He stuck out his arm and I walked over, being careful not to trip. I took and waited outside the door. This door was the entrance to my wedding, to the thing that’ll change my life. Be brave… I muttered to myself. Apparently my father heard me and reassured me. I smiled, hiding the fear that swelled up inside me. I took a bog breath when I heard that I was to walk down the isle. The doors opened, and the music started. I observed my enviorment fast. People standing, a chandelier hanging from the roof that was way up high… and my little sister holding our rings.

Then I saw him. My love. I felt like a superstar walking down the red carpet. When I walked up the steps, my father let go. A tear o joy went down my cheek when he said I do. But, for some reason, he looked angry, sad, and…for some odd reason, unsatisfied. I ignored it, for now. “…you may now kiss the bride.” He kissed me and I felt like I was in heaven. The moment to the crowd probably felt like a couple seconds, to me it felt like forever, and I wanted it to be forever. When we stopped I was sad, that the moment was gone and never to return. Everyone cheered and the groom sliced the cake. We all ate, danced, and talked.

Finally, it was time. The honeymoon… we all went into the carriage that says: Just Married. We held hands the whole way there. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling; the grin would be stuck there until my sleep. It probably wouldn’t go away when I did sleep. But who cares, I was married to the love of my life.

When we got there he carried me in and set me on the bed. “I will be right back.” He said calmly, steady. I sat there waiting. He came out in pants and a solid color shirt. With a knife. I gulped. “W-what are you doing?” He looked into my eyes, fury and disapproval showed within him. “I deserve better!” he yelled making the whole room shake. He came over to me, grabbed the lamp and started beating me with it. I screamed…and pleaded him to stop. But he wouldn’t. Then he started punching me. Blood was all over my dress and tears streamed down my face. He took the knife and made cuts all over my body.

My last tear was not a tear of joy. He took a gun out from behind him and his last words to me were, “You are not pretty enough.” All I heard were gunshots, and everything went into a blur. Another woman’s body came next to him. “Good job. Now we can be together and alone.” He nodded and threw the gun down. “All my parents wanted were for me to marry a royal. But I say you are royal, they beg to differ.” I saw them kiss…and I tried to say something but nothing came out. I felt a rush go into my body and now my vision was clear, but I couldn’t feel anything. No love, no sorrow. All I felt was pain and fury. I was now dead. But for some reason I could move, hear…and…move. I got up and his eyes got wide. I grabbed the gun and shot him multiple times. He fell to the floor and this “royal” girl screamed. I cut her like he cut me and before I shot her I said, ‘You are not pretty enough."

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