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Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 07, 2017




(Calling bell rings. One lady(bai) opens the door. She sees a girl standing with a sling bag on her shoulder.)

Girl:  ...Mr. Suraj Naicker....? (Hesitantly)

(The lady shows her the way to a room.)



(Producer Suraj Naicker is sitting on a chair beside a table in a room. It’s his office. He tells the girl to take the chair at the other side of his table. The girl sits and gives the hard copy of her profile to him.)

Producer: Oh  kay...Anamika Dwivedi. Tumne kanha kanha kaam kya hain dikhao mujhe.

Girl: Ok. (She opens some link in her mobile in front of him.)

Girl: It’s an offbeat movie. Yehape maine ek important character role kya hain...the protagonist role actually was played by Sonakshi Sawant who was my mom in the movie......(Sound became faint  and the girl goes on explaining.)

Producer:  Aur kuchh hain dusra shade me?

Anamika: Ha hain. (She opens another link and show.)

Anamika: Ye ek short movie hain. The story is mine...(Sound became faint  and she goes on explaining.)

Producer: Ab aur kuchh kar rahi ho?

Anamika: Khas kuchh nahi.

Producer: Hu. Tumhe ek achchhe director ki jarurat hain. What’s your height?

Anamika: 5’4”...its mentioned there. (She indicates her profile.)

Producer: Ok ok...(He feels awkward that he didn’t go through it. ) Vital Status: 34-26-35...address: Golf Green.

Producer: Are you staying with your parents?

Anamika: Nahi....mai ekele rahti hu.

Producer: Listen Ms. Anamika Trivedi....

Anamika: It’s Dwivedi.

Producer: Oh ha...Anesha Dwivedi ...Main tumhe ek achcha break de sakta hu mere movie me. It’s a love story...purely commercial.  Budget do crore hain...quite a high amount for a regional will be released in about 140 halls under a renowned banner. Male lead ke liye  Jeet ko shocha hain. Besides there will be at least four box artists like mohammed Siddiqui, Marina Gill, Konkona Srivatava and so on...leken...

Anamika: Laken kya Sir?

Producer: Dekho, mere movie release honeke baad kafi sare  production houses se tumhe call milega, and you won’t need to look back...

Anamika: But what Sir?

Producer: Compromise.

(Anamika gets shocked, but suppressed her expression...only looks down.)

Producer: Compromise. Are you ready? If so you’re selected. Ye tumhare liye ek bada break hoga. Tum Jeet ke saath kaam karogi.  Hamare do gane ka shoot Switzerland me hoga...

Anamika: Sir if you cast me I’m ready. In fact maine socha tha mai aapko same proposal dungi... Ok...compromise...fine... it’s nothing but an enjoyment right? Especially in this industry it has become like a fashion.

Producer: Okay then. Let’s fix the date.

Anamika: You can come over to my place any time after Sunday. Sunday ek dance program hain...24 Prince street, Kolkata – 36. (She leaves.)


SCENE: 3(Night)

(Calling bell rings. Anamika open the door. Producer enters. )

Anamika: Come... Sit.

(Producer takes his sit on the sofa and looks around inside the house.)

Producer: You have a lovely home.

(Anamika smiles.)

Anamika: Credit goes to my parents.

Producer: Hm.

(Anamika shows him her house...her hall, bed room, study room etc. 1 room is closed. Producer pauses in front of that door.)

Anamika: Is room me Samrat rehta hain. (She smiles.)

Producer: Samrat?

Anamika: My dog...German Shepherd. He is friendly, but he takes time to get acquainted.

(Anamika offers the producer a sit on the sofa. He sits.)

Anamika: Aap kya lena chahte hain...tea or coffee?

Producer: Had we gone to a hotel I would have ordered for hard drinks.

Anamika: Oh really? Well I have some. Aapko kya pasand hain ...Vodka...tequila...rum...whisky...?

Producer: Red wine. Do you have any?

Anamika: Fortunately I do.

(Anamika brings a bottle of red wine and snacks on a tray and pours in two glasses. They cheer.)

Producer:’re the only daughter of your parents...Miss Anamika Dwivedi?

Anamika: Oh’s Dwivedi.

Producer: I’m sorry.’re the only daughter of your parents...Miss Anamika Trivedi?

Awesha: I’m the only daughter of my mom.

Producer: What?

Anamika: My dad is blessed with one more daughter.

(Producer doesn’t understand what Anamika is telling.)

Anamika: Unhone dubara shaadi ki hain.

Producer: Aur tumhari mom?

Anamika: She is a divorcee.

Producer: Kya karti hain woh?

Anamika: She is a writer. 65, Amherst Street, Kolkata – 9.She needs to be alone for her writing work.

Producer: That’s good.

Anamika: What about you?

Producer: Mera case bilkul opposite hain. My mom left my dad for her boyfriend ...

Anamika: ...Oh.

Producer: ... and it was my dad who brought me up.

Anamika: (She nods as if she gets it.)

Anamika: Didn’t you bring your sleepwear?

Producer:  I don’t need one.

Anamika: Oh. But I am quite fond of satin and lace.

 Produder: Huh...  achha one thing...your dad has done injustice to your mom.

Anamika: Kyu?

Producer: Mere bolne ka matlab tha...he shouldn’t have left her...matlab this making and breaking of relationship is really painful. (He stammers.)

Anamika: Oh...kay. Mujhe nahi lagta woh galat the. He didn’t find himself compatible with mom so he left. It’s simple!  Moreover what he did is granted by law. Hum kaun hote hain unhe judge karne ke liye.

Producer: I want to produce a good movie. I want business. I want fame. I want...

Anamika: To enjoy your life in as many ways as possible right? (Anamika laughs.)

Anamika: Name, fame, luxury, fortune... kya nahi hain wahape! We have only one life to live. And our youth is also not long enjoy it to the fullest...I get it.

Producer: Maine complete nahi kiya. (Anamika stops.)

Producer: I...I want to use talents...main talents use karna chathta hu ek high grade movie banane ke liye joh mujhe profit de sakta hain.

Anamika: Aur ye sab? (She points to the table, drinks and gives a look of deprivation.)

Producer: Tum nahi samjhogi tumhare maa ka dard tumhe bada karne ke liye...because you didn’t get the same experience.

Anamika: (She scoffs)...Aur aapko lagta hain ki apki mom sahi thi?

Producer: (He shakes his head.)

Anamika: One second. Why are we even discussing all these? Is it worth it?

Producer: Yes, it is. Husband and wife should break relation neither over petty misunderstanding nor for their silly interest. We must learn to control our evil desires.

Anamika: Oh! With what great interest are you here with me then Mr. Sura?j... Compromise?...If I am not wrong...?

Producer: You’re wrong.

Anamika: (Pfft) Strange! Khud ke trap me khud fas now you’re changing your colour.

Producer: Main nahi fasa.  I feel you are perverted.

Anamika: Is that so? (She leans forward and places her chin in her palm.)

Anamika: par a..a..p sach mein.....?

Producer: I just wanted to see how far you can go.

Anamika: Same. (She gives a knowing smile and tilts her head to a side)

Producer:  A man can’t be raped by a girl but I too feel dishonoured when girls propose me...

Anamika: : ...And  if you are charged for rape you will be liable for punishment. (She nods in understanding)

Anamika: I am much more liberal than you. Mujhe lagta hain ki producers ko compromise nahi karna chahiye...shouldn’t compromise with the quality of their movie...par bahar kisi aur ke sath...(She shrugs.)

A sound comes from the kitchen.

Producer: What...?

Anamika: Ah...that must be my mom. (She gives a side look towards the kitchen.)

Producer: Mom?

 (Producer is surprised. He laughs... silence for sometime.)

Anamika: I see that you are married. (She nods towards his hand)

Producer: Hm...I adjust with my wife...

(Producer stands up.)

Anamika: BTW, I am writing my autobiography. Thanks for giving me a great experience. (She smiles.)

Producer: BTW(He smiles), you are looking hot. My movie demands a hot heroine.

(Producer leaves. Anamika shuts the door.)

Anamika: (She leans against the door and smiles in satisfaction.)


SCENE: 4 (Morning)

(Anamika stands in the balcony, she ruffles her hair looking into the distance.)

Cut scenes:

  1. First person is telling compromise bina nahi hoga.
  2. Second person is telling compromise kar shakte ho? Dekho I will invest so much for you. Mujhe kya milega?
  3. Anamika is typing in whatsapp: You can give me less salary and use that money if you can’t come out of perversion.

Anamika is sitting in a laptop and writing

I was studying in internet about cheating and unethical behaviour.

If you are victimized of this abnormality due to imbalanced hormonal secretion you can overcome it through counselling, medication or through techniques such as yoga, meditation and exercise.

And if it is due to your risk taking gene factor which is hereditary, your upbringing/ experience or culture can still make you a self-respectful human being...not necessarily you have to carry  the bad record of your ancestors.  Everyone with the gene is not promiscuous and not everyone who is promiscuous will have that gene.

(In her writing the above mentioned points to be highlighted.)


  1. Producer Suraj on laptop: Writing: The section no ....should be challenged. My wife should be given the right to prosecute me/ my lover for adultery.

(Suraj sends his opinion into a group discussion and gets many ‘Yes’ and few ‘No’ response from the responders.)


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