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This is for my beloved friend who passed away four years ago.They say that human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. They were strong because they hid their fears from us.

Submitted: March 22, 2015

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Submitted: March 22, 2015



They ask me to believe them but to be honest I don’t even know what to believe these days. All those years in pain you never told us how sad were you. You showed us you fake smiles and when anyone of us broke into tears you were there for us to tell us that we wasted our tears for the world that never deserved them. You were always right but you fooled us all. You were the one with the broken smile. You were the one that went through hardship. You were the one who made us all believe that the world was fair to us. All I created was a mess out of your life but now when you are gone I barely can move on. But you gave us the reason for everything and I am going to hold tight to the feeling that gave me a glimpse of your past. You sat there on the old rocking chair, taking sips of black tea and telling your son to open the curtains to soak more sunshine. I loved the way you got excited about the little moments that we were too blind to see. I loved the way you told us that we all were together as a happy family. I loved the way you told us all off when we went crazy about little things that mattered the most to us back then. But now the chair is still there, at the corner of the room. No one sits there. No one tells your son to open the curtains anymore. And no one tells us off at our mischief. You are certainly gone forever now but your family will remember you. The way you hid your pasts. The way you said everything was going to be al right. The way you consoled us.  But now no one is there.


Time passed and we grew up without you.


Now I stand there and tell him to open the curtains. Now he sits there and has his black tea. Now we tell our family that things are going to change. Things are going to be okay. We gave up after you were gone but time healed us and we glued ourselves together. We took you place. We arose again. Our hearts lit up. Our soles were renewed. Those times were hard but we were successful because of you. You gave us reason for everything but when you weren’t there we made up a fake reason with a fake smile to accept the reality. Now the rest of us remain like a happy family, exactly what you wanted. But you aren’t here and we all have a feeling that you’ll know how good we have been and did exactly the way you wanted.


Your memory will stay in our minds forever

Life goes on and so will we.


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