Nothing any good's gonna come from this

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A western bar fight dream, and a little romance, or lack of, thrown in.

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



"Nothing any good's gonna come from this"

2012 re write

 Sheriff Clyde was roundin up his noose
The boys at the bar were gettin loose
 It just a matter of what time they would choose
They all knew they had nothin to  lose

Me and Mary just kept pourin the drinks
There was a lot of  flirtin and  hi jinks
Someone yelled out  "hey this stinks!"
Right then I knew we were on the brink

Just about that time the train roared into town
The engineer was dressed up like a clown
There was some kind of bad deal goin down
And Mary said she was missing her crown

It had all started out with an innocent kiss
But something bad was gonna come from this
I knew it was something I'd rather miss
But I had no choice but to be a witness

Just then the whole thing fell apart at the seams
They started busted up the place from the floor to the beams
I couldn't escape it  by any means
It felt like another one of those real weird dreams

They tore down the paintings from the museum
Before the politicians and doctors could see 'em
Right then knew I wouldn't want to be 'em
It was gonna be a while before the judge would free 'em

They called in the national guard just for kicks
 It seemed everyone had to get in their licks
They were punching and hitting with boards and sticks
Everyone was using up all their tricks

You couldn't stop any of it if you tried
I stayed out of the way and in walked Sheriff Clyde
He could only stand  back and let it all slide
  And Mary was still looking for a place to hide

The Mayor came in for his medicine
But someone hit him with a bottle of gin
His wife was there yelling "where have you been?"
Just about then his mistress walked in

By dusk the smoke had started to clear
Mary checked herself in the mirror
Her dress was tattered , wet and shear
But she just kept saying " I have to stay here"

I woke up when it started to rain
The booze and the coke had numbed up my brain
The whole damn thing seemed so insane
I thought I had been hit by that train

My socks were layin on the floor
I crawled out through the missing door
I swore I wouldn't come here anymore
I had to get back to the Virginia shore

In the street there were flowers and a bottle of booze
A torn up shirt and a brand new pair of shoes
Someone's lamp and and Sheriff Clyde's noose
There was a wind blown hat and a couple more clues

I couldn't find Mary anywhere
I told myself I shouldn't  care
But I knew better she had to be around somewhere
I just couldn't leave her, I didn't dare

I turned to see  her getting on that train
With another man sheltering her from the rain
It hit me hard I couldn't stand the pain
But I had to walk away there was nothing to gain


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