Through the Hourglass

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Ruminations on time and our place in the universe.

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



Time slips by, faster than we realize.  The ticking of the clock rests for no one.  Moments fly by and we fail to appreciate their significance until they are long gone.  Time rushes past like the endless flowing of a river, breaking down the dams that try to quantify it, qualify it.  Everyone has their own measure of time.  But what does this all amount to?  Why are we here?  Why does time not relent?  The fearful passage of this temporal deluge continues forever onward. But to what end?  To where does this ever-flowing river run?  We sit here awaiting an answer that will never arrive, a rhetorical question that burns like a splinter in the mind.  That splinter festers until it becomes unbearable.  And so we set out, desperately seeking a solution to this perplexing conundrum of time.  We try to understand the universe and our place within it.  A pawn of the earth, dust in the wind, we are nothing more than a speck on the grand scale of things.  Yet, this is something that many of us fail to comprehend.  We believe our day to day concerns to be of the utmost importance, convinced our petty interactions have profound impact on the universe at large.  However, when it comes right down to it, we find that our exertions are for naught, our legacies hollow, and ourselves but slaves to each bit of sand that passes through the hourglass.

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