What is Reality

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A man struggles with his grasp on reality as he finds himself caught between two alternate universes. (W-I-P)

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



I’ve been told that the universe begins and ends with what we perceive; our perception defines our reality. The tree that falls in the forest doesn’t even exist unless someone is there to observe it. If we close our eyes, the universe simply disappears. But that doesn’t happen for me. When I close my eyes in one reality, I open my eyes to another. In one I’m living the life I always imagined. The fast cars, the money, the women, I have it all. The other, I’m barely getting by with the woman I love and the family we have together. It’s becoming difficult to tell which one is the true reality.

The electricity gave out again this week. My wife complains because I've forgotten to pay the bill again. I would have paid it had I enough money. I am providing for my family, it's just there's been trouble at work. My employer claims I lack the focus to be deserving of a raise. It's tough struggling for the scraps at the master's table when your mind is drifting to another reality. I hold my wife close and tell her everything's going to be alright. I know I can provide for her and my son. He's really a sharp kid, I want the best for him really.

But then I close my eyes and, as expected, my concerns drift away. I awake beside a beautiful woman. Her naked flesh is pressed against mine. Then another delicate hand is draped over my chest. I turn my head and find another woman smiling back at me. I know neither of their names, but I can tell by the glow on her face that she's smitten. I brush the hair from her face, kissing her on her forehead and telling her to get some rest. She drifts back to sleep and, without waking the other woman, I slide out of bed. I take a moment to admire the two nymphs huddled together, bathed in post-carnal bliss, before throwing on my robe and heading out onto the terrace. Lights flood the streets hundreds of feet below my penthouse suite. A cool breeze rushes in, rustling the silken curtains behind me. I head back inside to find the women of my fantasies tangled beneath the sheets. Letting my robe hit the floor, I dive under the covers to join them.

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