A Flaw in the UFO Story

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Clues in the UFO phenomenon

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



A Flaw in the Story?

I still enjoy the beginners basic reading and viewing of materials related to the UFO and extraterrestrial enigma. I've recently re-read Chariots of the Gods, and viewed the classic documentary movie Out Of The Blue, both are great and enjoyable classics. They are basic materials sure to gain interest especially from people new to the "I want to believe" next generation. Thinking about these two classics together left me with a new question. Even though I write this blog aimed more at insiders who already have a good familiarity on the subject let me set up and explain my line of thought. We know the volumes of evidence of flying saucers from Roswell and working back through recorded history in numerous cultures and then all the way back to cave man art left for us to set a range of sightings dating back many thousands of years. We record the same type sighting, same type of saucers, over periods exceeding many many hundreds of years. The alien technology looks the same. Something is not logical about that. Would not advancements in that powerful technology completely change the appearance if not the very nature of visitations over such a long time period? Are these flying saucers simply the pinacle, the so advanced they would just stop advancing at that point in technology technology? No freakin way.
Here is my question.

If advanced alien technologies had flying saucers that appear similar for thousands of years what is the explanation for the stasis in the technology? Think about how quickly human advances have changed the face of technology, yet the aliens are still building the same type of flying discs with no visible advances for that long a period. What are the possibilities? Try to take a crack at the explanation. Here are my thoughts.

First there are a couple of anomalies to consider. The Kecksburg Pennsylvania bell shaped type of contact, and also numerous more recent triangle shaped sightings like the ones in Belgium and the very famous Bentwaters/Renlesham Forest incident.
I am left with several possibilities, but here are two lines of thought.

You don't have to look much past the JFK assassination or the 911 attacks to realize that the powerful do write the history. Therefore they can also rewrite or manipulate it. Is it possible that all of the thousands of years of evidence could have been backed into history to cover for modern military secrets? Possible yes, but likely, no.

Next, what if extraterrestrials are just using their minimum required technology to evade us? Does our modern technology force aliens to use slightly upgraded technology to remain evasive? It is not at all plausible that aliens have only made the jump from discs to triangle shaped UFO types over thousands of years. Just think of what our own technology will look like in just hundreds, let alone thousands of years from now. God knows what theirs would look like. I am focusing to imagine it. This line of thought is also not likely.

What can the conclusion be? As it is with countless other subjects I want the answer. So here is just another dilemma pinging around my neurons until I die. I do however give a little more weight to another theory with this line of thinking in mind.
What about time travel? Scientific time traveling investigators or even futuristic Branson Virgin time traveling tourists just popping in and out of our past and present time lines. That type of technology would advance incrementally yet would have the ability to appear similar in numerous time lines. I am not totally sold on the idea, but it is the best sense I can make of it.
What do you think?



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