Dark Future

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Coming world wide socialism and mankinds survival intertwine

Submitted: December 26, 2009

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Submitted: December 26, 2009



Dark Future

Secretary General of the United Nations Roland Hunter

listened to the science commission report  being given by Doctor

Stine.  He drew in a deep breath and released it with a sigh.He

and his Under Secretary Akiko Fukazawa shared a concerned

glance. The International Astronomical union’s solar activity

commission president, Geert Van Der Sloon stood up after the report


Mr. Secretary General, our commission can come to no other

conclusion at this point. The detection of a Fusion Ash Iron Core

in our sun means it is in the beginning stages of becoming a

Super Nova. Our next warning sign will be a dramatic increase of

Neutrino flow from the sun. The Euro-Tak is monitoring for this

pre-requisite as we speak. We cannot predict an exact time of this

occurrence but we expect, more or less, within fifty years.

Hunter paused, as if thinking for a moment before he addressed

Vander Sloon and the other twenty in the room. “Can we predict

the pre-collapse expansion radius of the sun”? Doctor Stine

answered immediately. “I can anticipate what you are thinking Mr.

Secretary General. Not only will the earth be consumed by it, but

the Mars Colony will be subjected to beyond what we can

reinforce against. We can consider consulting the Geological

Commission about deep construction under the Martian surface,

but will likely be futile”.

Hunter held up his hand as if to stop the conversation. “We

appreciate your comments Doctor, but for now we will adjourn this

meeting. This information is deemed confidential and is not to

leave this room. Doctor Stine, you will have weekly consultations

with Doctor Van Der Sloon’s office. Channels between you are to

remain open at the top priority, and I will request updates. If

information you have is deemed important enough, you will

contact me immediately”.

Both men nodded.

“Yes, of course Mr. Secretary General”. Hunter walked away with

Under Secretary Fukawaza at his side. She was more than twenty

years his junior. Her youthful  Japanese good looks made. her

political genius more effective She whispered to him as they


“Roland, we have to talk with Professor Engles”.He whispered

back to her, “I know Akiko, the mad professor may be our only


Outside of the United Nations it was a sunny and warm day. The

sun hung overhead un assuming of it’s impending ferocity soon to be

unleashed. The still gathering crowd was in the hundreds of

thousands. It was time for the

speech to begin.

Reverend Gray, appearing as neat and slick as a person could,

stepped up to the microphone in the middle of the four men who

already stood there at the front of the stage. He looked over the

enormous crowd with pride and confidence. He smiled broadly to

an escalating roar of applause before he began speaking.

“Welcome here today brothers and sisters” I will speak here today

on the American leg of our tour”. He motioned with his arms

toward the four men standing to the right and left of him. “Our

partners here today represent the embodiment of our joined

purpose. For those of you who may not yet know them, the

leaders of our World United Under God union are first. Rabbi

Giffelt from Israel, Imam Mohammed representing our Muslim

brothers, Guru Shikhira from India for our Hindu partners and Bishop

O’Garrity from here in the New York dioceses representing the

Vatican and our Catholic brothers and sisters”.

The applause grew loud and sustained. Reverend Gray basked in it

as he motioned the crowd quiet. He nodded his head repeatedly,

motioning and surveying the gathering. Minutes passed before the

din fell to levels he could speak through.

“We are here today for a solidarity purpose. No longer will the

treaties decided in this building behind me dictate our lives. The

less than holy unions between governments and corporations have,

for too long consolidate their grip on we the believers. We all know

the Wold Order as they call it have flown a flag of domination over

all nations and people regardless of where in the world we live”.  He

shouted for intense effect  “Nor the plan of the God we believe

in!" The crowd exploded in applause. Words now from the fiery

Reverend could seemingly convert them to a frenzied mob.

Though his cohort religious leaders remained stoic, Foster smiled

more broadly. He seemed to bask in the power. More time passed

before he continued.

"The followers of Protestant and Catholic have united. Our

differences forgotten in favor of unity. The Jews and Muslims

have bonded as a single people. Their governments have joined

under the flag of this building, this so called United Nations, but

those nations, people have forgotten all differences. We have all

joined as God’s children. Our cause is just! Our cause id Godly!

Our cause can never be defeated! Our cause is to unwind the

diabolical vehicle seeking to strangle our religious freedom. Our

cause is to bow and give worship to Almighty God, and not to

allow this unholy union of non believers to remove our God

from our lives. We will never be fooled by the rhetoric. Their

claims of one world government for the good of the people are

false. We the people of this world will not put our faith in them at

the cost of losing our faith in the one true God! Now give your

cheers to our partners under God who will take turns speaking to

you. Gray pumped his fist into the air repeatedly. For God! For

God! For God!"

The crowd again exploded in agreement.

Roland Foster and Akiko Fuazawa sat together talking. Akiko

questioned Roland as she always did. She would follow his lead,

and knew it well. “Roland, how will we decide who to save if we

can”? Foster placed his hand over hers. “Always thinking ahead,

Akiko. Let’s just hope we can save anyone.”

 The door to the office opened. The squirrel looking man entering

the room squinted at the bright sunlight beaming in from the

windows. Foster motioned him to the table.

“Come in Professor Engles. Sit here with us.”

Engles sat, but didn’t enjoy the comfort the chair should have

offered. He fidgeted.

“Why have you asked me here?”

Akiko quietly waited for Fosters interrogatory.

“Professor, we are interested in one of your theoretical proposals.”

The statement seemed to annoy Engles.

“Why? None of my actual work is interesting now? You never called

me here when I transported lab animals from place to place. You

just took over my work and incorporated for yourself.”

Foster raised his hand to quite Engles.

Professor, your work as a good World citizen is appreciated. Don’t

forget that you were compensated and have been given all but

unlimited access to laboratory time and resources to be used at

your discretion. I’ll be direct Professor. Explain to us your phased

fusion theory.” Engles was surprised by the question. He smiled

thinking it was a proposal that would always remain theoretical. He

knew the worlds most powerful man wouldn't ask unless it were

actually being considered. “It is only a theory because we haven’t

done it. I have no doubt it will work. I would only need to modify a

Metallic Fusion device to do it. It can easily be done. It’s not

rocket science with intergalactic travel you know.”

Foster interrupted before Engles could begin his well known

rambling. “Professor, I’m going to ask you to consult with Doctor

Lane. Will you do that?”

Engles lurched back deep into his chair. “Doctor Lane, the Astro-

Geologist. Why are you asking me to do this now?” Foster

showed a wrinkled frown. “That will become apparent at the

appropriate time. For now you are not at liberty to speak about

this. My staff will transport you to Los Alamos. Tell them what you

need. They will be prepared to coordinate the details.”

Engles raised the index finger of his hand as if to ask a question.

Foster cut him off.

“That will be all Professor.”

Foster pointed to the door.

“My staff is waiting for you outside. We need you to go.”

Engles knew not to question Foster. He rose and exited. Foster

told Fukazwa. “Call Los Alamos, I’ll contact Lane.”She voice

commanded the video screen in front of her.

“Com activate, Akiko Fukazawa for David Moore Los Alamos.”

The image and voice appeared nearly instantly.

“Yes Ms. Under-Secretary, what may I do for you?”

“Mr Moore, we are sending Professor Engles to your facility. He is

to be fully accommodated. His purpose is to develop a functional

metallic fusion device. Apprise your physics team to coordinate its


Moore became a little pale. He didn’t speak, but thought, “Metallic

Fusion device, that is a planet killer!”

Akiko didn’t pause.

“It will be intended to destroy Mars and eject the remnants into an

orbit at 3.5 to 4 AU.

Moore interrupted now.

“Ms. Under-Secretary, you know we have always kept the Metallic

Fusion device theoretical because of its ability to destroy

Earth. We can build it, but to also design it to work like a cosmic

scalpel? We have never even considered it.”

“That is why Professor Engles will have the lead on this project. The

Fusion reaction will be semi-phase offset, per his design. It

will strike Mars. Then it will begin explosive liquefaction of all

metallic molecules. Your physics team will need to solve the ratio

of forward velocity through the planets core and then out the other

side vs lateral expansion. The forward velocity will also be

designed to achieve the new orbit at 3.5 AU. General gravity

will pull any remnant materials along into orbit. Any questions will

be addressed to Professor Engles. “Understood Dr. Moore?”

“Yes, understood Ms. Under-Secretary.”

“Com out.”

Foster was also speaking with Doctor Lane. He was the architect

of the Mars Settlement Colony.

“Doctor Lane, we need you to coordinate with the physics team at

Los Alamos. You will be assigned to calculate the gravitational

coalescence of the mass of Mars ejected in metallic liquified

form with the mass of the asteroid belt between 3.5 and 4 AU

stable orbit. We will need to know the earliest hot temperature

surface cooling that will allow colonization. We will also need

calculations for geothermal power sourcing and the design for

human habitation structures with those conditions. I understand

the difficulty of the problem we are giving you, and just to magnify

it further the solution must be in as few decades as possible, not

in centuries.”

Lane was a genius and pragmatist. His dead pan gaze and reply

were full understanding of doing the impossible, and paying the

ultimate respect to Foster his reply was simple.

“Yes sir.”

Being reelected to five consecutive four year terms as Secretary-

General of the United Nations. Foster was the most powerful man

who ever lived. He was the founder of the original treaties that all

countries signed to effectively end Nationalism in favor of one

world government under United Nations rule of law.  Lane as well

as everyone else knew that direct contact from him or his number

two Fukawaza was not to be questioned. His rise to power

brokering the international cease fire of the nuclear war in Middle

east near the end of the 21st century had ordained him that right.

Foster and Fukawaza continued contacts to all the government and

corporate leaders they needed to coordinate with their plan. Secrecy

would be easily kept from the public by the world media outlets they

controlled. When the two finished seven hours later, they shared

each others hands and a tender loving kiss.

Six months later, the first glimpse the world population had of

the plan was the Northern hemisphere witnessing the destruction of

Mars glowing in the night sky like an early dawn arriving. The

glowing streak left in the night sky was too unusual and visible a

sight not to be addressed to governments and populations. Akiko

held interviews for the mass media.

“What is being witnesses nightly is the remnant of a collision of

Ceres, the largest asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter,

and an unseen comet that came into our Solar system from

outside the Kuioer Belt. We can give thanks that Ceres was

there to absorb the impact of a comet we now calculate may have

struck the Earth with incalculable loss of life and devastation.”

In the general population not everyone was buying the cover

story. Reverend Gray and the counter parts of their organization

went city to city giving speeches.

“We hear th United Nations tell us fairy tales about a comet. With

our own eyes, and our own people with telescopes look up and

see that the planet Mars is no longer there. The only one with the

power to remove a planet is God himself! The United Nations

denies us the facts, but we don’t need them to tell us. This is a

warning from the Almighty. His children need to change their

ways. We need to stop raising this false God, their world

government above him. First Mars, then Earth if we don’t change

our ways. The United Nations is not our master..We serve God!

Let me hear you now. We serve God! We serve God!"

Crowds around the world raised similar chants.

Akiko sat in Roland’s office at the United nations building updating

their plans progress.

“The third wave of refugees from the Mars colony have arrived at

the space platform.  We are continuing to transport them back

down to the surface to make room for the last wave. New Order

Dynamics is on schedule to complete the first space ark in two

months. The orbit of the new world has settled in at 3.8 AU. It has

already gravitationally absorbed about 70% of the asteroid belts

objects. It is expected to absorb Ceres in around two months. The

physics team reports Ceres is about one third the total mass of the

belt and absorbing it will cause the beginnings of rotational

stabilization. Doctor Lanes team is working on composite

platforms that will be light enough to transport and insulate

against surface heat. They will be equipped with particle field

barriers for the perimeters, and also be configured to operate as

geothermal valves for generators built above them. Basically,

everything is ahead of schedule, but Roland, we still haven’t

discussed the big problem.”

Foster turned away from his work to face Akiko.

“I know Akiko. We’ve extrapolated that with the four year orbit of

the new world we will be ready to send the first teams there in

sixteen years. We need that much time for the planet to be close

enough to ready for us to begin our work there. The settlement

there and readiness to receive arks at a four years intervals

may allow us no more than five million people who can be saved.

The project will terminate in forty years. Let’s just hope we have

that long. Of course the first will have to be our hardiest to handle

settlement construction. Next, redundant teams our brightest and

best from every scientific discipline. Then those best suited for the

genetics needed for repopulation. Fifteen billion of our weakest

and most ordinary people will be lost. We can never tell a single

one of them.”

Akiko put her hand over her mouth and shook her head.

“I am sorry Akiko, it’s out of our hands. I have assigned the

personnel decisions to Trans-Corp. They trained the personnel for

the Mars colony, and they are best equipped to make the


Akiko frowned. She took Roland by the hand.

It’s passed midnight Roland. Can the work wait until tomorrow?”

Roland looked into the sad neediness in Akiko’s eyes. He spoke

to her as he closed down his work station. “Yes it can. Com-exit.”

They walked out together to Roland’s suite. A couple of hours

were spent expressing their affection for each other. Their cause

to duty averaged sixteen hour work days. It left little time for them

personally, but this was one of those nights.

Years turned to decades while mankind made the impossible into


Some towed the line and accepted the global socialism that

became the norm during those years. Others saw it as a man

made attempt to replace God and religion in their lives. While the

socialist world government became stronger, so too did those

who looked into their hearts and believed there was more than

what the logical and those without faith professed. Protest and

suspicion on the inter-thought network grew fervor.

Akiko continued media interviews and press conferences. Her

holographic presence sixty feet tall graced the squares of cities

world wide.  Her cover story was orated with acted conviction.

“The continued world wide effort to settle the colonies on Venus

are achieving new milestones. The forty year mission is now

nearing five million citizens who have chosen to expand man's

seed and presence on other planets. Their story of survival and

the accomplishments they have achieved on Venus should make

us swell with pride. They are among our finest citizens.

Behind her studio created images of domed cities were shown to

the public. Selected people who were arked out onto the new

world were filmed as if happy and thriving on Venus. They helped

to conceal the true nature of where they were and what they were

doing in good conscious. The truth it was thought, would make

whatever few years or days that were left a nightmare existence

for billions of people. How could they tell everyone all at once that

they were going to die horrific deaths? So the lie was kept for forty


On April 25th 2152, it was a warm dry day on the secret launch

pad just north-west of Las Vegas Nevada. Roland Foster at 102

years old stood at the boarding plank of the final Ark flight to leave

Earth for the new world. In 2152 the average life expectancy was

over one hundred forty years. The equivalent health and vigor of a

man his age was relative to a man of fifty in the year 2010. He

held hands with Akiko who at eighty two was still a stunningly

beautiful woman.

“Well, I guess this is our last stand on mother Earth Roland. Euro-

Tak 3 is beginning to report increasing neutrino emissions from

the sun. All of Earths beauty will soon be gone.”

Foster smiled.

“The most beautiful thing on Earth will be leaving soon.”

Akiko’s eyes smiled along with her lips as she stared back at

Roland. “No Roland, if you are saying that about me then two of

the Earths most beautiful things are leaving.”

He squeezed her hands tighter. “No Akiko, just one of them is


Akiko paused to draw a deep breath. “What do you mean Roland,

you are coming with me.”

Foster looked down at the ground, then back at her. He didn’t

want to waste a last moment not seeing her.

“I am sorry Akiko, I have to stay behind.”

Instantly a tear streamed down Akiko’s cheek."

“No Roland. You are the smartest and most important man in the

world. You have led this planet for sixty years and saved

humanity. The new world needs you.”

Foster nodded.

“We have done pretty well together haven’t we. The new world is

doing fine without me. You’ll be the one taking care of it when you

get there, and they would be fools not to re-elect you next year.”

Akiko was fully crying now.

“I know you Roland. Once you have decided there is nothing I can

say to change your mind.”

Roland wiped away the tears from her face. He kissed and held

her tight for long moments.

“Go now Akiko. It’s time.”

He turned and walked away. Akiko watched him. He never looked

back. He was heading to a pre arranged engagement.

Foster arrived at the church Reverend Gray still headed. He was

met at the door and led up to the pulpit. Television cameras lined

the stage anticipating the first of it’s kind meeting between Gray

and Foster. Gray began the televised event being broadcasted

and translated world wide.

“So Mr. Foster, tell us why you have requested to meet here

under God’s roof tonight.”

Foster cleared his throat and looked into the cameras and into the

world’s eyes.

“First let me say Reverend Gray, and citizens of the world, thank

you for having me here tonight.  Although we have maintained the

separation of church and state all these years, it has been with a

sense of objective logic.  It seemed best to allow a framework for

peoples lives, and to let them make their own personal decisions

about what to believe. I personally could never look out into the
vastness of the universe or down at the simplest flower or insect

without believing there was a God behind it. I only had trouble

defining him within the context of religion.

I’ve really come hear to tell some of God’s greatest

creations, you the people, that you can believe mankind will go

on. We will survive as as species and grow stronger. I think I owe

you the truth, and the comfort of knowing all of our lives and

difficulties are not in vain.  I owe you the truth, even as painful as 

it may be you should still know. I am hear to tell you about

something that is about to happen .........

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© Copyright 2018 Russ Maggio. All rights reserved.

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