Halloween III

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Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



I'm once again looking forward to Halloween this year. There is just something about the season changing from summer to fall that Halloween puts the explanation point on. It gets dark earlier, cooler breezes rustle the fallen leaves. The small changes outside make me feel a stronger change inside my self. Then there is Halloween itself, there is an unmistakable spookiness in the air. Where does that come from? As modern as most of the world is, there is still a relationship with past cultural superstitions. I think if you are in touch with your self you can feel it. It is a raw, base, and nearly subliminal emotion.

This time of year I always watch a movie I never see any other time. Last night I watched it for the umpteenth year in a row. It is what I believe to be the best by far in the John Carpenter Halloween series. It is also the only one of the series that does not include Michael Myers. Done thirty years ago in 1982 Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch is still one of my favorite creepy old movies. It incorporates some of our oldest societal superstitions with modern technology and an even more recent fear, terrorism. It is actually more of a modern day cautionary tale that applies to greater degree than when it was written.

Stonehenge, human sacrifice, witches, all are deeply embedded cultural fears that we can discard, but are still part of the cultural makeup we can feel with our emotions. Electronic advances, television, robotics, are all now flooding our tactile senses daily. One is what we were, one is what we are, both are indelibly combined in our existence. Then there is also the sad fact that terrorism can strike at any time. This is a feared combination explored in many books and films.

Is this any different than archaic societies today that refuse to let go of the cultural basis of the past? Don't we fear that our past ignorance presented with modern technology can be very dangerous? What will the final solution be? Will we look into our past and use it to destroy our future, or will we overcome the embedded ignorance with our internal goodness? It is easy to be level headed and know that humanity will evolve to rescue itself, from itself. Then again it is an entirely different thing to actualize it.


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