Nano No No - Civil Liberty Anyone?

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Nano Tech Abuse and Uses

Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011



Most if not all readers who would take the time to view this post have at least some recognition of Nanotechnology. In the broadest sense we know that nanotech is the science that controls very tiny atomic sized particles that have unique capabilities. Presently nanotech is being used to create stronger, lighter metalic alloys. There are also agricultural and medical uses for nano that have let these laboratory produced particles into our food chain and into our bodies. We have considered the theories where nano micro machines are created with the ability to self replicate. Medically these tiny self replicating machines can be introduced into a cancer patient with the goal being that the micro machines will be tasked with attacking a cancerous tumor. They will carry out the attack and destruction of the tumor while self replicating the optimally desired colony needed to complete the task. We have also known of the cautionary tail where the self replicating nano machines go out of control reproducing and consuming everything in their path eventually eating every thing on Earth and then even the planet itself. Now what can go wrong here?

Consider this scenario. In a laboratory a reproductive nano colony is formed. The size of each nano particle is so small that it would take thousands to equal the width of a human hair. Every individual nano that is reproduced is a basic twin of the previous nano, except each carries an individual identifiable signature. The basic function of each little nano machine is to emit a signal that can be remotely identified. Are you starting to realize what can be done with such a capability? To clarify, below is the scenario.

The control group here is an immunization or flu shot subject group. Three months ago, by the way, there was a CDC announcement that there is a change in the way flu vacines are to be produced. Careful accounting is kept of individual identifiable nano particles from the colony which are introduced into the vacine doses. This is done in secret and is not disclosed to the individual it is administered to or anyone else without top secret security clearance who is working in the program. There are already in place identification records for anyone who receives flu shots, vacines, and other shots which are medically administered. From the point of introduction of the shot, and the nano, each person carries the nano particle for life, and since it can be remotely detected, now the person who received it can also be located at all times. Creating the computer software desired to track millions of people's whereabouts and their patterns is the easiest part of the project. Has there been any recent increase in the data kept on individuals? You know, U.S. governmental laws since 911 and the Patriot Act was passed and extended. Internet profiles are sold to marketing companies. Facebook and social networks. Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, and F.B.I. and state criminal records. Then of course there are the secret dossiers kept by the C.I.A., N.S.A., and other classified groups including the recently exposed Fusion Center computer network. No matter the public or private profile desired by individuals, you can bet there is plenty of info to have profiles on most anybody. There are benefits, and dangers of such a program. Here is a brief and isolated look at a day in the life of this program.

In any, or every typical city in the U.S. and every other country, and let's face it, the Chinese would cut line to do this first to their entire population, the team is watching. An unmanned drone flys undetected over the city. Locator and files have matched a group of ten Muslim individuals who have gathered at Mosque and then afterward all ten have also gathered at a warehouse just outside of the port at San Diego. Their dossiers are suspicious as each one at different times have made trips to radical Madrassas in Pakistan. Two of the individuals have been tracked to have had contact with four other individuals from the Pakistani I.S.I. who have also been tracked to contact with individuals who have also been tracked to a Pakistani military base with nuclear weapons. Those same two individuals have also been tracked to a Pakistani port city and have had face to face proximity to another individual who's dossier marks him as a known drug smuggler. The large contingent of Homeland security agents gather near the warehouse viewing touch pad hand held screens showing the exact location and complete profiles of all ten men at the warehouse, and of one other man who leaves the port of San Diego driving the eighteen wheeler truck that has the shipping container on its back driving toward the warehouse. The mainstream media nor the U.S. general public would ever know about the truck being stopped nor the arrests of over a dozen individuals related to the case and sparing the U.S. a nuclear terrorist nightmare attack. If you are offended by this stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists I really don't care, but let's change it up a little anyway. Seven farmers in the Mid-Western United States are tracked to the fertilizer outlet. Agents and unmaned drones are sent out to observe the farms. Six of the farmers fertilize their crop lands. The seventh farmer is known to have made more than one trip to purchase fertilizer, but has never been observed spreading it over his fields. The other man being investigated for right wing radical ties has been tracked via Nano has been making nightly trips to the farm and spending substantial time overnight in the barn. You know how the rest goes.

In a nearby city in early 2012 tens of thousands of normal every day American citizens gather at a public venue. The Tea Party and their candidate being it Ron Paul or Michele Bachman or whoever have been gaining momentum. All of the individuals at all of the cross country venues have been tracked via Nano. What if the Tea Party or any other third party political group has been deemed undesirable to the powers that be? Would you want to be one of the individuals tracked? Is it possible that abuses could occur? Let's face it, what American citizen would want to sacrifice civil liberties to be surreptitiously tracked by such a secret program? I would be embarrased and ashamed that because of my broken back it would be known that I leave the house with the vigor of an agoraphobic wearing a ball and chain. We face a great deal of dilemmas as an evolving modern world. Where do we draw the line? 

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