The Iran Dirty War

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The Dirty War with Iran

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



 Argue bias from either side. The Iranian revolution willed the exodus of Shah Pahvili in 1979. Was it because he would keep relations with the west? Recognize Israel? Was it because he oppressed his people? Was he not Muslim enough? Why were 52 Americans held hostage for 444 days instead of being sent home and the embassy closed? Does the U.S. support and fund insurgency against the Iranian regime? Is Iran threatened by the U.S., Israel, and other western military forces? Is the western war machine ramping up to strike at Iran? Is Iran the major state sponsor of terrorism? Did they attempt to arrange terror assassination in Washington D.C.? Do they control Hezbolla, and Syria, and Lebanon - are they killing American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is the real big question real, are they creating nuclear weapons? Could they get nukes from North Korea or Pakistan? All the questions are moot. The can has been kicked too far down the road. While it may or may not be the will of the Iranian people, the Iranian leadership has more than chosen its future. Sensibility begs for regime change. Sensibility kept the Cold War cold. This is not the Cold War. This is a Dirty War.

Expanding terrorist intelligence operations combined with conventional military expansion are now to be amplified by nuclear capability. The mind set is to threaten to close the Strait of Hormuz militarily in answer to harsh and more meaningful economic sanctions. The regime can only fear the wrath of its own people when the economy starves them. They hold their own people hostage now in fear of revolution. It may already be too late to see this ongoing Dirty War to it's dirty end. Leaders of Iran, people of Iran, it is past the time to change course. I do not wish to see in my lifetime the result of what began in 1979 or 1941 or however you see it played out in blood. Leaders of Iran, now is the time to reach out for peace, people of Iran now is the time to make them do it. We can still avert the great catastrophe.

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