Three Is Company

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Jason moves to Washington DC to start a new job. He searches for gay roommates and fails to find anyone to share an apartment, until he meets Michael and David. The three become friends and lovers. They live their happily ever after!

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



Three Is Company

Michael held Jason’s hand as they stood together in front of the headstone that had recently been placed on the grave of their beloved David.It had been six months since his passing; but it still felt like it was just yesterday that they had been joking and laughing around their swimming pool with their grown children and their families.They had adopted the three boys shortly after they had moved in together.Jason had stayed at home to raise their three musketeers; while David and Michael had worked to support their little family. David had chased the grandchildren around the yard, playing tag and hide and seek.The day had been perfect.The daughters-in-law had put together a fantastic picnic while the boys had made good use of the grill.  Mike, Jace and Dave all had married well and produced beautiful children.Of course their grandpas spoiled them rotten every chance they got!

That happy memory came to Michael’s mind and eased his sense of loss.He had been David’s boyfriend since the 7th grade when David had asked him to have sex with him.He turned to Jason and asked, “Do you remember the pool party we had the day before David passed?”

Jason looked at his husband and nodded his head.“Yes, I remember how wonderful it seemed that day to have our family around us.How little did we know how things would change.”

*** ***

Jason’s mind went back to that fateful morning six months earlier.Michael and Jason had awoken to find David was missing from their bed.From the day they met, the three of them had been inseparable.Michael had rolled over and pulled Jason into his arms.“Good morning, honey.”He kissed Jason and looked over to the empty spot in their king-sized bed.“Where’s David?”

Jason answered, “I don’t know.He was gone when I woke up.”

They were empty nesters and had grown accustomed to dispensing with clothing, unless company was expected.Michael climbed out of bed and turned to extend a hand to Jason. “Come with me.Let’s go find the missing knight.”

Michael pulled Jason into his arms and kissed him before taking his hand, leading him out of their bedroom.They walked around their spacious home, looking for David.They found him in the family room, lying down on the couch.

Michael reached down to shake him awake.When his hand touched David’s cold shoulder, he realized something was very wrong.“Jason, I think David’s dead.”

Jason said, “That can’t be.He hasn’t had any health problems.”He reached over and touched David’s arm.David was stiff with rigor mortis.Jason said, “We need to call 911.I’ll get our clothes while you call.”

*** ***

It turned out that David had hidden his heart condition from his life partners.They found the letters from David’s doctors and the medicine he had hidden from them.At first, they had felt betrayed.David hadn’t trusted them to help him take care of his health condition.Then they found his letter to them:

“Dearest Michael and Jason,

Thank you for the many years of love and friendship.I know you will be angry with me for not sharing my health problems with you; but my heart condition is hereditary, and there is nothing either of you can do.I know that my time is limited and I want us to live life to the fullest.If I told you my heart was giving out, you two would mother me to death; and I won’t let you do that to me.I ask your forgiveness, knowing that I will have passed on if you are reading this letter.

I will always cherish the many happy memories we have made together.I remember the day we met….

*** ***

Jason looked through the roommates wanted column of the Washington Blade.He had called on several openings and found someone had already moved in.  There were only two more listings for roommates, and one of them he wasn’t sure he wanted to call.He picked up the phone and made the call to the next one on the list.

A deep baritone voice answered the phone, “Hello.”

“I’m calling about your ad in the Blade,” Jason said.

“We already rented out the room,” the voice said.

“Do you know of any other rooms for rent?” Jason asked.

“Depends on who is looking,” the voice said.“I’m looking for a new playmate and would be willing to share a room.”

Everything about this conversation screamed, “Hang up now!”But Jason didn’t hang up.“I’m not looking for a relationship.I just want to rent a room,” Jason said.

“Too bad,” the guy said.“I was willing to let you share my bed, rent free, as long as the sex was good.If you change your mind, give me a call.” He hung up and Jason sat there, stunned at the audacity of the guy on the other end of the call.

He looked at the last advertisement and read it again, “Roommate Wanted – Bottom Only – Sub preferred.”

He had heard about submissive relationships; but he wasn’t really interested in that kind of thing.He wanted to find Mr. Right, and he didn’t want to screw up any chance of finding him by getting involved in a submissive relationship.

He had been living in temporary housing for nearly four months now and hadn’t found a place to live.His new job required that he move into permanent quarters at the end of four months which was in seven days.

The corporate apartments were really nice and had lots of amenities.It was really too bad he couldn’t stay in this same apartment complex.He knew that several major universities used the apartments to house their students who were in Washington, DC, as interns.That is why he had decided to put up an advertisement for roommates at the clubhouse; hoping that someone would want to stay on in Washington, DC, after their internship was over.He decided to walk over to the clubhouse on the off chance someone had taken one of his roommates-wanted cards off of the bulletin board.

Jason stood up and returned the wall bed to it place.He walked out of his studio apartment and took the stairs down to the ground floor.He walked around the building to the central courtyard of his apartment complex.His attention was drawn to the group of young college guys playing Frisbee on the grass.He stared at them longingly.Most of them had taken off their shirts in the warm May sunshine.

Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of the tallest one.He looked to be about 20 years old.He had blond hair that looked like it was bleached blond.He had black eyebrows and dark brown eyes.He had a wide smile that showed perfect teeth.His chest was smooth but well-muscled.His treasure trail was dark brown against his olive skin.His boxers showed above the waist of his jeans.The guy threw the Frisbee to his friend and caught Jason’s gaze.He smiled and Jason tripped over his feet; ending up on the sidewalk.

Jason felt extremely stupid.The guy had smiled at him and he lost complete control.Before he could get to his feet, he saw a hand stretched out to take his.

Jason looked up and saw it was his dream guy standing over him.“Let me help you up.”Jason took his hand and was effortlessly pulled to his feet.

The guy introduced himself.“I’m Michael.What’s your name?”

“I’m Jason,” he replied, trying not to blush.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jason.I felt bad making you trip.I didn’t think I had that kind of an effect on people,” Michael said.  Jason was staring into Michael’s eyes and didn’t respond.Michael waved his hand in front of Jason’s face.“Hello in there.Are you okay?”

Jason shook his head and said, “Uh….I’m sorry.Yes, I’m okay.I was heading over to the clubhouse to see if anyone had taken my roommates-wanted ads off of the bulletin board.”

Michael grinned and said, “So that’s you.We wondered who was looking for roommates.There are a couple of us who want to stay for the summer.We’re interns from Idaho.We are studying government and public administration.  Most of the guys will be heading home in a couple of weeks.”

Jason said, “I moved here in January to take a new job and I need to find a new place to stay by the end of the month.”

Michael said, “That would be perfect timing for us since we have to be out of our place by Memorial Day.Why don’t you come over and meet the guys?”

“Okay,” Jason said, smiling.He followed Michael over to the group of guys.They had stopped playing Frisbee and gathered around Michael and Jason.

Michael said, “Guys, this is Jason.He’s the guy who is looking for roommates.Jason, this is Bruce, Todd, Javier, David, Chris, Jeff, and Scott.”The guys nodded their greeting; but none of them moved to shake his hand.“David and I are the ones looking to stay here for the summer.”

David said, “Are you the guy who is advertising on the bulletin board?”

“Yes, I am,” Jason said.“I moved here in January to take a new job, and my temporary housing is up at the end of the month.I can’t afford to rent a place on my own, so I’m looking for roommates.”

One of the guys said, “He’s a faggot.You don’t want to share an apartment with him.”

Jason wasn’t sure who said it; but he responded, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t call me names.It’s pretty disrespectful; and, to be honest, I expected better of you. Knowing that you are all in college, studying to better yourselves, I would have expected you to treat everyone with respect; even if you don’t agree with them.”He looked around the group.They shifted from one foot to the other and wouldn’t meet his gaze.

Michael said, “I’m sorry for the rudeness displayed by my friend.He really is a good guy.”

“Even good guys have faults,” Jason said.“Promoting hate and intolerance is a pretty big one; one that will lead to violence.I hope that you guys can overcome the hate that calling me a ‘faggot’ engenders in yourselves and others.”

Jason turned from them and walked toward the clubhouse.He had just entered the building when he heard Michael call his name.“Jason!”  He looked around to see Michael and David coming toward him.He stopped and waited for them to catch up.

Michael said, “David and I are interested in sharing an apartment with you.”

He looked at them and asked, “Are you sure?I heard your friends’ comments as I was leaving them.”

David said, “I don’t care what they say. We’ve found them to be pretty prejudiced against anyone who isn’t like them.”

“Aren’t you guys like them, too?” Jason asked.

“No, we’re not” David said.

“So why have you been hanging out with them?” Jason asked.

“Because they are part of our group of interns,” Michael said.“They are returning to their school for the summer semester.”

“Well, we won’t have to worry about them; since they are going home,” Michael said.

Jason asked, “How much rent can you afford to pay each month?”  They each mentioned a figure.Jason laughed.“For that amount we’ll be lucky to rent a closet, let alone an apartment.”

“What if we rent a one bedroom place, or a studio?” Michael asked.“We could get bunk beds or a day bed with a trundle.”

“That’s two beds; so where would the third guy sleep?” Jason asked.

Michael grinned and said, “I hoped you would agree to be my boyfriend and we would share a bed.”

“Or even better yet, we could make it a threesome and we could buy a king-size bed for the three of us to share,” David said, grinning.

Jason was astonished by their proposal.He had been trying to share an apartment with other gay guys by looking in the classified ads; and here he had two guys propositioning him to join them in a three way relationship.

Michael put his arm around Jason’s waist and asked, “What do you think of our idea?”

Jason smiled and said, “I love it.”

“Good.Let’s go to your place so we can get to know each other better,” Michael said.He reached over and pulled down Jason’s ad.“Please lead the way.”

Michael and David followed him to his studio apartment.He opened the door and invited them inside.Michael looked around and asked, “Where’s the bed?”

“It’s in the wall,” Jason said, pulling it down.

David grinned and said, “Sweet!”He kicked off his shoes and sprawled on the bed.

Michael and Jason sat down on the sofa.Jason liked looking at David as he openly massaged his dick, which was plainly visible through the fabric of his shorts.He had curly, sandy blond hair, deep set blue eyes, and blond mustache that he kept neatly trimmed.He had an infectious smile that made his eyes sparkle.He had a swimmer’s build.

David grinned at Jason and said, “I hope you’ll forgive me for being so forward; but I was hoping we could start off our relationship with a good fuck session.”

He must have been reading Jason’s mind because he was so hard it hurt.Jason licked his lips and responded, “Only if we’re going to be roommates.I don’t do one night stands.I really want to have a permanent relationship with a guy.”

David’s smile broadened.“That’s exactly what we were looking for.Michael and I have been fuck buddies since 7th grade.”

Jason looked at him in surprise.“You don’t act gay.”

Michael said, “That’s because we’re not.We like being with girls; but we’ve been fucking each other for so long now that it would seem weird not have sex when we’re together.”

David said, “We want you to become part of a threesome with us.We will live together, and it’ll be like we’re married to each other.”

Jason’s mind was reeling from the shock of finding two great looking guys who wanted him to be a part of their lives.“Are you sure you want me to be part of your relationship?I mean, you just met me.”

David sat up and looked him in the eyes, “I’ve had my eye on you for months now, just ask Michael.He knows that I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Michael nodded his head.“It’s true.David pointed you out to me and said he intended to bring you into our relationship.That’s when we decided we were going to stay in Washington, DC, after our internship came to end.”

David said, “What will it take to get you into bed with me?”

Jason looked from David to Michael and back to David; wondering if he dared tell them what he really wanted.After a few moments of silence, he said, “I want to be fucked by both of you at the same time.”

David let out a coyote howl and grinned.“Michael, do you think we could accommodate Jason’s request?”

Michael returned David’s grin.“I think I would be willing to do that.”Michael put his arm around Jason’s waist and pulled him closer to him.He leaned over and kissed Jason as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.It wasn’t long before the three of them were carried with the passion of their lovemaking!

*** ***

The three of them collapsed in a tangled heap on the sofa, as they basked in the afterglow that comes with good sex.After a while, David said, “That was the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.”

Michael agreed.“Jason, I think you’re a keeper.What do you think?”

Jason licked a drop of cum from Michael’s piss slit before he answered, “Yes, I think I’m definitely living with you guys.”

David said, “I think we should move in now.The bed is big enough for all three of us.”

Michael said, “That’s a great idea.Are you okay with that, Jason?”

Jason grinned and said, “I’m more than okay with that; as long as I get fucked like that every night!”

Michael said, “I think we’ve created monster, David.”

“No, I think we’ve got us one horny guy that likes to be fucked,” David said.

Michael said, “Let’s get a shower, then we can get our stuff moved over.”

David stood up and pulled Jason to his feet.He then turned to pull Michael up and into his arms.Jason kissed Michael and said, “Thank you for making my day.”

David turned him around and said, “No, thank you for making our day.”David kissed him deeply.The three of them made their way to the bathroom.Jason received extra special treatment in the shower.This time Michael added his cum to David’s as he fucked Jason, causing him to purr like a kitten.

They dried each other off and pulled their clothes back on.Jason kissed his new boyfriends.“I’m glad I met you guys today.”

Michael’s megawatt smile lit up his face.“The feeling’s mutual.”

David laughed and said, “We are going to make fantastic memories together!Let’s go.”

*** ***

“…Jason, thank you for letting us into your life.Michael and I have loved you so much, there aren’t words enough to express how we feel.The joy I have in my heart overflows when I think of our three wonderful boys and their families.I have had a good life and have no regrets.I want you two to get married and live happy lives together, in my memory.You were always meant for each other.I’ve known for a long time how deeply you love each other.I also know that you love me just as deeply; and I thank God for permitting me to be part of your lives.  Take care of our sons and their families.Help them to understand that their Dad loves them, and will always be with them in their hearts.Our grandchildren have become the lights of our lives; and I pray they will continue to be beacons of joy and love in your lives as you grow old together.Remember that I love you very much and will be with you always.


*** ***

Jace approached us and asked, “Daddy and Papa, are you guys ready to go?”

Michael nodded his head and said, “Yes, I think we’re ready to go.”

Jason looked at his son and said, “Yes, we’re ready.”

Jace called to his son, “Davy, it’s time to go.Come take Grandpa’s hand.”

The little four-year old boy ran to grab Jason’s hand.He looked up and said, “Grandpa, the flowers are very pretty.”He pointed to the bouquet of flowers they had placed on David’s grave.“Grandpa David liked flowers.”

Michael said, “Yes, he did, Davy.His flower garden was his pride and joy.”

Mike and Dave joined them as they turned from David’s grave.Mike said, “I’m glad you two finally got married last week.Dad wanted it that way.”

Michael said, “Yes, he did.We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it until we had made peace with ourselves and David.”

Dave said, “We’re happy you finally got there.We were beginning to think you weren’t going to do it.”

“Well, we did it, and we’re leaving tomorrow for our honeymoon.We wanted to tell David that we did as he asked; and to let him know we had a photograph of him with us when we were pronounced legally and lawfully wedded.He will always be part of our marriage,” Jason said.

They left the cemetery hand in hand, knowing that they would live happily ever after with their family; now that they had done as David had asked.

Just as they reached the edge of the cemetery, Michael stopped and turned toward David’s grave.“Rest in peace, my beloved.”



© Copyright 2018 Russ Nielsen. All rights reserved.

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