child hood to marriage

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child hood freinds turn to lovers

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



the mood was set by the evening sky

orange with a tang of red

the sun illusion falling away

gong to sleep until the next day

sat on a hill top with picnic beside

and a carpet we sat on

looking over the vast sea and being dazzeld by the dawn sky

for we grew up as child hood freinds

and our bond became so deep

that nights would go on

impossiable to sleep

for she was always there

a hollogram in my mind

now on this hill

feeling a slight change in temputure

i know this is it this is the time

as the seagulls squak in there flocks over sea

and the sun countinues its fall

heading to light up a new country

i gently pressed her hand

she turned and her attention was mine

i said to her

my love you have been everything to me

we have had our misshaps and moments

but what over shadows them all is this love we share

heres my ring in marriage

will you acept it and forever our love will be there

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