ex tell it straight

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when you break up you better not have cheated

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



(MAN)..HEY! i swear you know me?

(GIRL)..you do but i dont know you

(MAN)..yes you do rember those days

(GIRL)..what when you caused me pain and greif?

those days?

(MAN)..no the happy times we spent with each other

(GIRL)..only time you were ever happy was me under your cover

(MAN)...yes but i felt close to you so much so

(GIRL)..you wouldent have cheated now go

(MAN)..it were only once never again

(GIRL)..relationship are about trust

not see how many girls you can bed

thats soo your game

(MAN)..i loved you i did

(GIRL)...get over it!! your never to place eyes on me ever

i feel sick when i think we were together

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