i belong to someone

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wanting something but no one is a possesion

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



see that deep down i belong

i belong to someone whos soul longs

to be apart of me

where one day i wake up

and my small smooth hand corres a body

of which i dremt and desired for me


for i belong ,attached to someone who knew that

there can only be one true romance

others seem to be the next best thing

to that closeness that we will share

days and nights of tremendous love making

with be a delightful fuflling affair


for i belong to you my body is yours

the thoughts you remis of kinky soughts

exsplore the partner we both shall do

every attribute we will cherrish

where my all is given to you


for i belong to a girl whos morales are high

who knows what she has to do

what barries to break

for a better life

in return i will love you more than any one could

my body will be yours to tresure

my heart will be yours to keep

with a note written

we share a bond so great

that we were brought together by fate

i love you to the moon and far

life without you would be bizzare

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