natures way of showing

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nature has many emotions from up above

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



the heavens open

rain falls like tear drops

like seping from ones eye

tickles my cheek before comming to a stop

blue lid of the world opens all emotion

but can not hide

as the world is to see

what emotion the heavens are to be


emotion could be that of the the sea

as it will raws with rage

bashing the rock on shore

knocking ships and sending boats

into watery pits

or it could be gentle calm,pure and still

where people take baths

cleaness of the water so tranquil


the emotion could be that of the wind

blowing and destroying everything in its path

like katriana the whizzing monster

shame about the after math

or it be gentle as a kittens fur

so soft and warming

brushed aginst your face

moves between ones hair

lovley almost coressing one in the air


the emotion could be anger

where gold shatters from the sky

exsploding with in a blink of an eye

followed by a raw of thunder

like a tiger fiece raw

something so spectaluar

too horrificly loud to ignore


emotion could be that of the snow

bringing joy to the towns people

snow ball fights are about

people look so happy

plants die though

with the longing of draught


emotion could be that of the sun

loving ones body to be tanned and golden

where shorts are worn

to show of ones legs

but skin can be boiled to that of a lobster

have the cream or just burn an accept


the vault of the world holds many emotions

just like us humans

they cannot be kept in

rid of the anger bless the joy

nature plays us

like we with a toy


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