One Thing You Cant Have

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the girl you dremead of as a kid is just taht one missing pice to complete your heart. the day you meet you relise taht she is taken but your thoughts can not rest because she is what you drempt of

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



One Thing You Cant Have


I never knew of you,

or seen you, till today

like you wernt in exisistence

or escaped from my love thoughts

as the one who got away

its funny how love hits us with no warning

i just met your eyes

and immidietly my lovless heart

wanted to belong to this girl so stunning

I feel attached as though we have met

or we encounterd in my dreams

but as soon as i awake you forget everything

i just knew that we belonged

i imagine your the girl , that ive always longed

then it hits me when you say your with a another

my heart sizes to beat and hesitates back

in a sadness of retreat

though i know your heart belongs to somone else

your likley to be the best girl im too meet

days that go by i remenis you in my mind

like your picture just wont vanish

your juicy smile your hair

and features so lushess

my day is complete when i just see you

you bring a warth to me that only the sun

on a hot summers day can bring

if there was a missing part of the jigsaw

you would be that one piece i needed to fix everything

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