school is a bore but then you achieve

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all those time we have been in a maths class or english or any class for that matter we have all most problay done the head on the table hoping time iwll fly by but it never does but just seems to drag.. this is a bout a guy who does this but relises that time wont fly by so instead he listensand achieves

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



just when i thought i nodded of for a good amount of time

i came to relise as i took my head of the table

and glanced up at the clock

that i had only slept for 5 minutes

time seems to drag soo slowly.. like will it stop?

teacher shouts my name

my face seemingly tired of an exspression

teacher was not most amused

he then went on to give me a ridiculous maths sum

it was one he made up...oh man i felt so dumb!

my answer was said my class just laughed

as though the funniest thing had just happend

my cheeks went red with embarresment

putting the head back on the table this time praying time will go

but nope it just longed to frustrate me going so slow

like a snail its journey seems so not far

but for him and his trail of slime

it takes an enternity just to reach

lets say the 100 meter finsh line

anyway my head rose to the front knowing that time was not to speed

i just listend in class and from then onwards

my grades were high and i went on to succseed

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