so not funy

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haha so not funny or is it or isnt it , well its not but is it?

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



Once upon a time

i wrote a ridiculous ryhme

one so ridiculouse

it made on elaugh so much

there head fell of

litreally the head came flying of

right of there head it did

was just so funny

that the head found a new way of life

to be detached from his body

and roll away

even i think it wasent that funny

not even to this day

perhaps the humor of my words

saw me tickle a nerve

or maybe inflicted a humor curse

where every line

was a cause for a laugh

and every verse was funnier than the last

all i remeber it started like this...


i was there i was standing up

i fell to the ground

that was a mess up

i dizzy in me head i was

seeing all diffent shades of colours

not like the rainbow but like jelly tots

many coulours there was

as i was being span by this hell of a ride

my brain was like right lets get outside

detached from this body

and of we shall have flyed

like matilda and that podgy women

being thrown into space

the head wanted to get out of this place

my head wanted to say good by to my body

and a sad fair well

but instead the ride had stopped

and the jellys tots

were no more

we got of the ride

and got back on it once more LOL!!!!


not even now did this read funny

but people have there way of being tickled

frankly this wasent mine

maybe i shouldent right a hilarious one

maybe till then and next timne

the words and verse will be so ridiculous

that there heads wont just fall of

they be blown of shoulders

right thats it i had enough LOL


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