Someone i never was

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when you were happy but you were told it wasent good enough, where people changed who you are

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



Ever felt like your life was controlled

made out in the end of someones wishes

where all your aspiring hopes

of that one day of being great

were burnt into ashes and thrown to the sea

never to be shown again

where you were transformed and moulded

into this person, that you were not destined to be

where you awake in your bed in a pool of sweat

with the surges of adremiline making you craze

as today could be where your life would change

but it was never to come

everyday you thought you did something proud

but being told it was useless and pathectic

miserablee days of endless abuse never to forget it

for years i was happy for how i were

for who i was and who i became

but you took that from me

clasped your hands and crushed my name

for i am no one

who am i to be

why you do it

Was it ENVY!

was it?.. was it this? did you not like seeing me happy

where i had a spring in my step

with a huge smile on my face

did you not like that? is that why im such a disgrace

for years you have taken from me, when it's not yours to take

NOW GO GET LOST! you are banished to be near


for i do not revenge but revenge will have its day

until then and onwards i will always have the last say

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