Why do we judge

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we judge before we know them

Submitted: October 22, 2012

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Submitted: October 22, 2012



Judgement Why Do We Judge ?

I’m sure you've been judged once in your life
And I reckon also that you have judged someone.
Whether it was through looks culture or appearance,

We all have something to say
But why? Why do we say?
Why do we judge a person we have not known?
Are we jealous?, or curious to get a reaction?
Or maybe you’re a coward praying on the week
To seek that enjoyment of action?
When we judge, we don’t take into account there stories,
I’m sure if we all open our ears and listened once in a while
We would understand why they live the way they do
Why they ended up taking crack
Why they ended up working at a low budget store
But yet we choose to close that door
Before we have fully opened it!
We presume to know everything about them
We presume to think that they are ugly to everyone
Without considering that maybe it’s your lack of ability
To see true beauty right in front of them
If we judge upon looks as we perceive a person to be less attractive that i
We take comfort that were not the ugliest person alive
But seriously, seriously where!!! Did this logic come from?
In a world so big, so fabulous in its own way
There is someone who thinks that every person you think is ugly
Is beautiful in every shape and way
We judge a hobo or a street sleeper as a person who has failed in life
But yet they have probably been through more hell than we have
Maybe they did fail in life
And chose the wrong options
Forget your secret judgement potions
Keep your opinions to yourself.
What makes you giggle
Will affect that person’s health
Sure there will be people out there that are complete scum
But judge or be judged is not pleasant feeling for everyone
We judge others because we take comfort in a person being less fortunate than us
But we miss the very reason we were given life
To explore everyone not judge on first sight

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