you so everything

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descrbing the girl of your dreams i so simple

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



hearing your voice

brings chills down my spine

knwing that this girls so beaiful and humble

is here wiith me till ends time

your breath smells so sweet

like a soft mint freshly unwrapped

the taste of a very nice treat

love is so erotic and great

seems not to ever let go

like a wave crashing the shore

it ll always be there

i couldent love you more so

your touch of your hand

so gentle and soft

like a candyfloss touching the first of your lips

where the delicate is al so beautiful

like a white which nature to a moth

your fingers like cholate

sweet to say an taste to niblle

my knees when you touch my body

fall it to shakes and tremble

when your hair blows in the wind

that blondness seems to come alive

the wavey locks carryed by gush of the air

stops my feet from walking

not able to step a forward motion

like the sun being stopped

by the white cream of lotion

together we know that we are meant

ilike an angel knew and a parcle was sent

where inside laid are hearts

tranquil bursting with love

you my baby girl

are juts as elegant and gentle

like newly bord white duff

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