Let Me Go...

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Tortured, hated, i slave away. Death, i wish upon the stars of Death...

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



Finally Free

My heart is pounding in your cage.

I blink away my tears.

Let me go...

I want to be free, walking upon my own two feet.

Mend my wings and let me fly.

Give back my right, give back my will.

Let me go.

Release the ropes, put out the fire.

Set me free.

Extinguish my fear, pain and suffering.

Let hope and love burn bright.

Just let me go.

Cuts and bruises wound my pride.

Let me bleed; let the ocean drag me under.

 Let go.

Relax your mind and allow my soul to slip away.

You bought my flesh and blood.

The sign screams SOLD.

Let. Me. Go.

I want to go to that better place, where He will love me.

My heart struggles to keep up; I don’t complain.

My time is coming, oh so soon.

I can taste Death at the tip of mu tongue.

Brushing Heaven with my fingertips.

Please. Let. Me. Go.

My eyelids are heavy, I let them drop. I'm almost there.

I can feel the gentle feathers of angels’ wings against my battered skin.

Let me go my sweet, beautiful monster.

Cut the strings that tie me down.

Unfasten the chains that bind me to life.

Let go.

I let the darkness wrap itself around my damaged body.

I don’t fight. No struggle. Nothing.

I slip away.

You let me go. You let my fly.

Free. I'm finally free.







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