Aubade of Spring

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For something to begin, another must end. You can think of spring as the end of winter of the beginning of itself. It's your choice. As it's your choice to look upon anything in life that ends as a new chapter or the end of one. Oh look, more metaphors! I think I'm addicted...

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



Aubade of Spring


In the resplendent lambency of the forenoon sun,

The firn is set aglow,

The radiant puerile grass below,

Cantillates its melody,

For all the world to sing along,

In the joyous aubade of spring.


The atramentous days of winter are dismissed. 

In exchange for the untainted youth of the spring.

Those trapped in fatigue and society,

Shed their wearied antiquity.

Welcoming in allayment the informaility of the new season,

As well as its virginal innocence. 


We bid you adieu,

Reppresed recollections of gooseflesh and inclemency.

For you shall no longer haunt the minds of earth's denizens. 

We welcome with open arms, 

The effulgent days of spring to come,

Full of privlage, rampancy, liberty, bliss, frolicking, and passion. 




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