I Told Myself

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I told myself you would come back,

I told myself,

I told myself you cared...

I told myself you would come back,

I told myself,

I told myself you cared,

I told myself,

I told myself that you just needed a long break,

Without me.

I counted the hours, minutes, and seconds until you got back,

That was a waste,

You didn’t come back that day or the next,

And I thought of the worst.

When you did come back you brought some bimbo with you,

Her fake smile,

And snotty attitude,

She hated me for some reason unknown,

And I hated her.

She stole you from me,

Now I am alone.

I watched as you fell in love over your head,

I watched as the last piece of my heart broke,

I watched as she played you like a video game,

You were only one of her lives.

I watched as she cheated on you without a second thought,

And I watched as you never noticed,

I am alone.

I tried to say something but you said I was jealous,

I was,

But not enough to watch you get hurt.

Then you caught her,

Caught her fucking some guy,

Tear-stained and heartbroken, you came to me,

I shut the door on your face,

I was nobody’s second choice.

Healing began soon after for me,

I forgot about you and you didn’t forget me,

You wrote me letters,

I burned those,

You tried to talk to me,

I brushed you off like dust,

You tried to stalk me,

I got a restraining order.

You must have finally forgotten me because you left me alone,

I was no longer alone,

I had a new love.

One who wouldn’t leave me,

One who wouldn't cheat on me.

He loved me and I him,

We both hated you,

I am no longer alone…

Submitted: May 01, 2010

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Princess Vagabond

'You tried to stalk me,

I got a restraining order.'

Hahahahha XD nice, cool poem. I got her feelings across and the end was great X3

Tue, July 27th, 2010 8:55am

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