Ranting And Raving Like A Lunatic

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Know what sucks? Bananas. Seriously. I mean, seriously....

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010



Know what sucks? Bananas. Seriously. I mean, seriously. If monkeys couldn't get sex, they'd get bananas. They suck on more than one level. They're yellow, odd shaped, and have what you could call a skin around them. The bananas have at weird shaped tip, a white creamy inside. How else could you get that perverted image in your mind when you look at a monkey eating a banana?
You know what else sucks? People in general. Yup, people. I said it. People. Whores, sluts, prostitutes, gang-bangers, husbands, wives, rebellious teens, normal teens, book worms, and even the occasional baby. Because we all eat suckers. Seriously. But...That isn't what I meant. People suck in general because practically all attitudes suck deep throat and half the people of the world don't care about anyone else besides themselves.
I said in the above sentence the word of 'normal'...what truly is normal? Nowadays if 'normal' sneaking out to get drunk? Is 'normal' screwing your boyfriend in the backseat of a car or in your room with the parents next door? Is 'normal' really all that normal? What truly means 'normal'? Half the people of the world compare themselves to someone else, someone above them....To their way of thinking.
Humans, in general, are so insecure. We judge ourselves harsher than anyone else will, or even cares to do. When in public, we withhold ourselves from our activities, which we might love, because we're afraid of what someone, at least one person, might think. We listen to advice someone might give us and we either A) Figure it as lies B) Figure it as what the person has to say OR C) Tell ourselves that person shouldn't be giving that advice because they know nothing about the subject.
If people these days weren't so insecure, maybe the population could get somewheres. Tortured geniuses hide their concoctions away from the world because of what one person once said. One person is all it takes to shatter confidence and dreams. One word, one sentence, one time, one person. One dream ruined. Thrown down the drain. Caploot. Gone. Outta here. Never coming back.
The thing is though, if people were more open instead of hiding away, within themselves, perhaps we could get somewhere in the world also. Half the people on earth are overweight. At least half the people. The other half think they are. And another half are anorexic. Think of all the worlds, at least one time, where someone told them to "Give up", or at least not in so many words. And give up those people did. They gave up thinking they were beautiful, is what it all comes down to.
Beauty. Ego. Pride. Allure. Good looks. Grace. Style.
It all comes down to two thing in this world now adays. Money, and beauty. If you have one, you are sure to have the other. If you are rich, somewhere along the line, someone was beautiful to reach that money. If you are beautiful, somewhere along the line you are going to be rich, or at least well-pocketed.
When are we truly beautiful? When we cover ourselves in make up, smother each other with perfume and hair spray, choke on lipstick, deal with the pain from plastic surgery and when we pluck ourselves red? That's not beauty. That's skin-deep beauty. Sometimes the most beautiful humans in the world are the people others might call 'ugly'. That is because their beauty is not on the outside. It is on the inside.
Truthfully, all humans suck. Big time. Or, we kiss ass. Hell, we might even do ass to get to where we want. One third of the people in the world are sluts. Another are suck ups. The other third don't care. Eventually, though, everyone will no longer care. They will be dead.
Electronics, along with money and beauty, rule the world. In the blink of an eye, you can receive an email from someone halfway across the Earth. With another blink, you can reply. Technology has greatly developed over the ages, but with it, so have the problems. Along with the solutions.
Several of the problems are greatly important, but several aren't. Gangs have ways of connecting to each other, solving issues. Then again, gang members in prison have contacts on the outside. Police have contact with people, faster contact than before, allowing fast response time. However, murderers have ways of contacting someone, anyone, to help with the crime they just committed. Family members have greater ways of keeping in contact. They also have ways to keep out touch.
Sooner or later, everything that goes around comes around. Murderers are caught, or die. Gang members are killed, or harmed. Police officers have at least one inside rat, on the outside. Family members have to confront old pasts, old flames, and others.
Everyone on the Earth will die one day. Some sooner than others, some quicker than others, some crueler than others. However, each and every person's heart will stop beating. Some relish the fact, some welcome it, some despise it, some are saddened by it, some are desperate because of it. Each person has their own way of accepting they will one day die.
Somewhere on Earth, someone is contemplating suicide. Hanging. Slicing. Choking. Drowning. Suffocation. Electrocution. Height. Gun-point. Poisoning. Drugs. Fire. Starvation. There are so many ways to die nowadays that it isn't even funny. Forty percent of the people on Earth have contemplated suicide at least once. Almost ten percent of those have followed through with the thoughts. Five percent were teens. Two percent were elders. Two percent were middle-aged people. One percent were kids.
Half the time the suicide seems like a good escape, a reason to get out. A way to run away without facing the problem. Truthfully the problem will most likely follow and land on someone else's shoulders. Someone else who cannot handle the blame, the weight, and the struggle of dealing with the issue.
Suicide attempts will not solve problems. It will only cause more. Therapists, doctors, exams, shots, and more. Over half of the patients who try to commit suicide, and live through it, tell those who ask they wish they had never even tried. The others, who do make it, will often try again.
Those who try again, are weak. They are gullible to their thoughts. The ones who try more than once for suicide, are pitiful. They listen to their thoughts. They have no courage to stand up to those thoughts, to their problems, to the issues in their lives.
A bad breakup. A fist thrown. A slap. Harsh words. Tears. Screaming. Shouting. Hopelessness.
So many things in the world can be a factor to suicide.
Alot of people in the world are greedy. They wish for money, for men/women, love, sex, and so much more. Someway, somehow, each person in the world has a secret, or not-so-secret, greed. Chocolate stashes. Hidden kisses. Diamonds. Money. Pink.
Each person who is greedy is not strong enough to resist what they want. They cave in. Give in. Allow. Instead of resisting. Half the time, they regret what they did afterwards. The other half? They don't regret.
The woman who eats chocolate while no one is looking regrets it as she steps on the scale.
The man who cheats on his wife for six months, slipping out with the excuse of 'work' regrets as he watches his marriage fall apart.
The teen who wears her favorite color, pink, to school regrets her choice as a fellow peer pokes fun.
The man who just earned a million bucks from selling out his closest friend might feel a pang of regret, but the money heals the guilt.
The woman who just flashed the camera on national TV might regret as she watches herself, but does not as she scores a star contract. A porn star.
For every person who regrets, there is someone doing something somewhere which they will not regret. If you do not regret, ever, you are not making mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you are not self-conscious.
People will despise you for that. For not being self-conscious. Sooner or later in life, someone will hate you for a reason. Maybe you know this reason. Or maybe you don't. Either way, hate will be aimed at you. Directly. Indirectly. Sooner or later, you must handle the hate.
How you handle it makes or breaks everything.
Either way, after everything I've said, everything goes on. The world stills rotates. Photosynthesis still happens. Animals still reproduce. And life goes on.
But life is what you make it. Are you going to make it a good life, something you can be proud of? Are you going to look back and see mostly good memories? Are you going to die peacefully?
Are you going to hide from your past? Are you going have to search hard for good memories? Are you going to have regrets blocking your mind? Will you be on your deathbed before you realize all your mistakes? Will you care?
-From: KK Roo

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