Chicken in the meadow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
when reading this extract u may start to wonder, why the hell in gods earth did he call it " chicken in the meadow"
well for starters. this is only an extract from from the actual novel. but moving on rather quickly, its name was given to the story over the growing inquiry into battery hens. For i believe that battery hens have very short and boring life unlike free range chickens, and aren't aloud to enjoy lifes privelages like other animals,personally all animals should be treated with respect and the same amount of rights through their life.
In the book there is a character that isn't allowed to experiance lifes oppertunities, like the hens, so that is one of the reasons for choosing the name, but the nearer the closing chapters get,her chains are brocken from the seldom life she once owned, now being able to run free with the wind in the meadows.

Submitted: February 28, 2009

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Submitted: February 28, 2009



Chapter 1

The sun was out for the first time in 48 days according to Bill the enchanter. High in the mountains to the north, close to the sea overcast weather was seen floating eerily into land. Despite the fact that overcast weather had just passed about 2 hours ago, never the less Trog was preparing for another miserable day. Stanley the trainee guitarist sat by a rather questionable window watching the sun disappear behind a dull rain cloud. He watched the sky for about ten more minutes to see if the sun would reappear, but knowing the luck of Trog it didn’t.

“When will we get any sun, never mind good weather?” Sighed Stanley.

Stanley walked over to his bed and through himself down on top of the quilt, feeling depressed.

“Stan dinners ready, well I ‘think it’s safe to call it dinner.” Bellowed a voice at the bottom of the staircase.

A small smile drew upon Stanley’s face as he heard that dinner was ready and he wouldn’t have to prolong his stomachs ache for food.

“I’m on my way.” He replied to the voice.

He rolled of his bed, stood up and stretched till the point where he nearly touched his bedroom ceiling. Closing his door behind him he made his way down the stairs to the kitchen, following the smell that was presumably dinner.

He opened the kitchen door to see the house keeper Rodger fend off the Shepherd’s pie with a kitchen blade.

“Stay back Stanley, think I added a bit too much salt its sprung to life, BACK YOU GO INTO THE OVEN!” roared Rodger.

Rodger finally got the Shepherd’s pie into the oven in time before it took the shape of a life form.

“Two hundred and forty degrees should do it.”

The minced hand that had formed whilst Rodger was cooking the pie withdrew its self, somehow deciding to give in and return to its original state of thick meat.

“I’m not eating that Rodger.” said Stanley from behind the door.

“Don’t worry lad that’s for the church cafe.” Stated Rodger.

“Ehh.... I’m sure they’ll like that.”

“It’ll turn to a normal Shepherd’s pie soon. That reminds me for dinner tonight we are having pheasant with quail eggs.”

“Sounds nice.” Said Stanley with a smirk.

“Take a seat lad.”

Rodger slid to the left of the oven and placed upon the table a silver tray filled with luxurious foods.

“You gave me the opinion that it was going to be horrible.” Assumed Stanley.

“Do I ever let you down lad?”

“Well there was this one time where you....”

“Okay lad, get the point, but I mostly never let you down.”

“Hmm..... we could agree on that.” Thought Stanley.

As Stanley got stuck into the peculiar bird platter Rodger brought over a small orb, looking similar to a marble. He clicked his fingers twice to see the orb light up spectacularaly, which had a women’s face in the centre of it.

“Breaking news.” Hissed the women in a harsh, gritty tone of voice. “All radio transmissions have failed to operate today; scientists speculate that the cause of the event was caused by a mysterious force beyond our own .”

“Aloud of who ha to me lad.” grumbled Rodger.

The overcast weather had now covered the whole of the sky turning it into a soulless blanket of darkness.

“G G F sharp no, G F G minor.”

“Keep practising lad you’ll soon get it." said Rodger sympathetically.

“Stuff it can’t be bothered with it just now." stated Stanley.

He placed His guitar back on its perch and closed his eyes hoping to gain some shut eye.

“Lad, lad come here and see this!” shouted Rodger.

“What is it?” Said Stanley glumly.

“ Hello my name is Claire Bellfield reporting from Froowell farm, as you can see above me here to the right you can see a huge yellow star forming, we are not exactly sure what it is but I will be here with a team of scientists who are determined to discover what it is back to you Jim.” Hissed Claire Bellfield.

“ Wonder what it is lad.”

“Not sure but we’ll find out soon.” Said Stanley as he walked out the door heading back up to his room.

“Where you going lad.” Asked Rodger.

“To my room I am tired.”

“Ok then, see you tomorrow.” Replied Rodger half expecting Stanley to stay down in the kitchen with him, and listen to Claire Bellfield.

( i have yet again only taken an extract from the actual novel, just to see what u guys think)

© Copyright 2020 Rusty956. All rights reserved.

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