and zip it up behind me

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can't you close the door, behind you or were you born in a tent

Submitted: April 01, 2009

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Submitted: April 01, 2009



as i step outside the door

and zip it up behind me

i step into a new world

and into a new galaxy

people stop and say hello

but who are they

i don't know

they're not making any sense

with their happy gestures

who are these people

how do they know me

because i can't remember them

as i take a look in the mirror

so i too could see

why everyone was saying hello to me

there was  nothing there

how could this be

it must be something

something they can see

it took a moment

then it came

i am but  a thought

within this head

i thought it out loud

with this pen

there's no body there

i'm writting this in my tent

as i step outside my door

for some fresh air

and zip it up behind me

BY B.R.Coster

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