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Frustration from years on end of a distant desire for a man. There is an initial assumption that she began repairing what God set up that they were irresponsible to make happen. Regrets and hardships. She is so alone and hurting.

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



Everywhere I go I try so hard. Here I am cleaning up The mess we left. As if it's only mine What else can I do, But make sure I'm fine.

Although you've left me out I feel the worlds power Pounding my soul for to answer. You can't come back Because to me life has restarted. And I can't disappear Somehow I left you out this time. And I haven't a friend so dear.

I guess when I saw the friendship Of you two - somwhere , I couldn't speak. If arguing were satisfaction I wouldn't have been lost. And I wouldn't have felt so weak. The chance, at the time, could've been drastic. Bit I still have to see how I bossed you around.

All of the time has been waiting for me. So(?) You passed it off through a friend. And now the last girl on earth is me. Tomorrow, maybe I will see the end. Oh how painful this will be. If this mistake I could mend Then you shoulu break it off with her.

Oh yes I've been told Before, by the fact that I was given. I didn't have to see it. I was born to bear it. Well that shows how far I can take it. And I don't care if you agree. Waiting to win is enough to make it.

I think no one can hear. Even though we've been so blessed. So when I got you alone... I know my heart you missed. I remembered those days that passed. All along you continued to be Apart from me So, I just think you're smart.

Once the day comes for me, I won't be losing all you see. When I think about that victory. It's not tasteful at all, And I want to be free. Still these changes are flowing So I'll take the fall.

Again I've envisioned a life Cut out perfectly made to fight for. And no other paradiseis what I want. Before you leave take the time out Maybe we'll find an open door. Before it will close when I shout Just trying a way to make me your wife.

From dusk 'til dawn There's a shadowy world. Built on the confusion Of your every wall.

The silhouettes linger Leaving out your anger. The night's light is quicker than they. We fought all through The fear and frustration, They found hell for so long Without hearing the song.

The thoughts that lead me on are tired and lame as I was. Only small bits of time define me. And confine me to a hide away That I never want to go see.

If you don't know by now, Then maybe I should speak, I CAN'T return to my childhood. And I can'feel pain somehow. I never thought we needed a break! And I was the one, then I'm misunderstood.

I wanted to sing for you. I wanted to sing for you. I would've danced too. For the reasons I live& love to do. From this background I can't get out. At some point I must've been looked at For the punishment is worth the pain. And if I can't teach you -I'll try again.

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