my brendy

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the only person that honestly showed love to me as a child,no amount of money or assetts,can buy what comes from her heart,every garden needs a flower in it like her.xox

Submitted: March 07, 2009

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Submitted: March 07, 2009



a couple of things i want to share with you

as a child,i looked up to you

as a man i still do

i then became envious of your achievements

only because i had no self belief

i've taken drugs,i've been rude

i swear alot and i've been crude

then one day the sun shone through

today i have a different view

i don't want your money

i don't want your assetts

the thing i do want

for a time i did forget

it's your love and your smiles

that you gave to me

the drugs and my attitude

made it hard for me to see

that all i ever wanted

was for you to be proud of me

in life it's been said

my numbers add up to eleven

then i realised

i will get all those things in heaven

you have been where i have

so today i'm not envious

instead  i give you thanks

you made your way through the shit

you climbed and you struggled

your way out of the pit

today the sun shines on you

i speak to god and jesus too

out of life is what you put

before i can run

i have to be stable on foot

i left the nest infact i fell

into the depths,the pits of hell

i was so high

i thought no one could tell

you are a tower

a tower of strength

god keeps reminding me not to forget

that there's more to life

than dollars and cents

bad memories and regrets

i'm not a bad person

yet not alot goes right

but it's not your job

to fight for my life

so as you can see

there's a couple of things

i needed to share with you

today i feel like a bird

with the clearest of views

i see the light

that you shine

i appreaciate everything

you have done and tried

and the fact you have given me

some of your light

i love you brendy

i love you so much

to me you are like a flower

you can look and hold gently

but never crush

every garden needs a flower like you

i''m foreever proud of you.

By B.R Coster

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