No Bars Or No Shackles

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
sometimes i sit back and reflect on where i've been and perhaps where i'm going as a child i had plenty of time to think as my bedroom was almost like a prison where there was no escape except for that room within,i hope any potential readers arn't put off by what i write about,i'm not morbid just honest and realistic well i try to be.

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



Inside a cell

With no bars or no shackles

Free to go

Where ever you like

So what does it all mean.

Living in the middle

Always getting squeezed

I could commit the most hideous of crimes

Sure I would be locked up

For a very long time

At least my life would have some structure

Because the one I've found myself in

Is all fractured

I may as well be living in a cell

With no bars or no shackles

Some days are good

Others are like hell

There is a fine line between

Sanity and insanity

Just look at me

Abused as a child

Starved of confidence and love

My purpose is purely to exsist

For what?

I have nothing

But a decaying body

I have children

With whom I love with all  I  am

That's what's making my situation so hard

Life can be so trivial

You can loose everything

For doing nothing at all

I could swim in the ocean

I'd probably get eaten by a shark

Or drown alone in the dark

I could pray to god


I'm led to believe

That there is something better waiting

Even though I can't see it?

I've bought alot of things onto myself

That's why I feel like

I'm locked in a cell

With no bars or no shackles

The only reflections of my life

Remain scracth marks on the walls

A brave face

Often hides the truth

Now where there used to be tears

A smile is trying

To break it's way through


In a cell

With no bars or no shackles

By B.R Coster

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