Not Slim Shady

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life is as hard as we make it,coming from down under life was never going to be easy,that is what inspires me today to be the best and strongesr that i can.

Submitted: January 27, 2009

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Submitted: January 27, 2009



Not Slim Shady

Yes I'm not slim shady and yes I am white

But if you close your eyes really tight

I can be black as black as night

Now the colour of My skin does'nt mean

He aint thinking what I'm thinking

But the places he goes I'm not allowed to

I was born on an island

The ocean flows through my veins

Prejudice was scarred in my brain

No man can lay claim to the land he walks upon

As to the air he breaths

This is my god and what I believe

You see I'm a mongrel bred man

I too was a slave

A slave not to the land

But to the native man

Everyday I was led to believe that my ancestors

Where nothing but thieves

Because I'm not black,I had to take a step back

I listen to music,to be precise black rap

I also listen to eminem

I find I can relate to all of them

I too had problems,problems where I struggled to be free

Free to be the man,the man god meant for me to be

So I stripped off my skin to reveal to the black man

That just like his,my blood is red

If he saw my intentions i'm not racially led

I'm just trying to survive and make the most out of life

All I know is it does'nt matter whether your black or white

The most valuable asset is time

Yes I'm not slim shady,and yes I am white

I too can swear swear as much as I like

You keep reminding me how bad it is to be black

Just for a moment

You should try being white

By B.R Coster

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