The Beautiful Collision of Eternity and End

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This is the idea of fantasy measured against reality. Sadly, the reality will always prevail.

Submitted: October 16, 2009

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Submitted: October 16, 2009



The Beautiful Collision of Eternity and End

Born into a world ready to receive

He doesn’t cry, but he smiles

A lifetime ahead of blissful wonder

And it’s just starting to proceed

Cast aside like a broken object

Wailing, for he knows it a mistake

Misunderstood and misunderstanding stirred

He has no bearings, he is lost for good

The heavens are opened, he is enlightened

Rejoicing, he speaks in the tongue of Elohim

They all observe, and are envious of his prestige

Their own failures realized and grieved over

He pounds the wall in vane frustration

His naturalism begins to exceed all else

The others mock his absent motivations

They are the chosen, but he is on the outside

He looks in her eyes, and two glances meet

Both tremble at the thought of future processions

There must be a higher One, for this is perfection

Ever after with no signs of boredom in store

She can’t meet his haunting gaze

He is the used and she the user

Christ is the justification and the excuse

He curses the cross, and turns his back

He realizes it must be accepted, for better or worse

The higher purpose cancels out everything else

There is not an understanding to each question

Some concepts stray out of philosophical equations

Two tears unhindered side by side, it happens

The maker laughs as he flails in utter despair

The reasons linger out of his reach in contempt

He sprints for the rainbows, all is circular

Friends gathered by his bedside, clinging to hope

As he slips away, syllables are sung of him

An example for all, an unending memory

Rest in peace, may the saints carry you softly

Alone in the dark, vodka and rope companions

It matters not what the questions are

For the answer is unacceptable and vague

The world goes on, the dust remains unsettled

White shores, devoid of grievances and all

His face fixated on He-Who-Must-Be-He

Thoughts are unanimous in their white persona

The beautiful collision of eternity and end

Lucifer holds on with a welcomed grip

Running towards this, he always has been

The pressure is undone, the numb is ever present

The finale set in motion from the first breath


© Copyright 2018 Dante Durden. All rights reserved.

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