The Beautiful Bug

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Short rhyming story.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



The Beautiful Bug


It was dark in the cellar and protected from light

lay three shadowy figures, hidden from sight.


For two it was home, a safe place to be.

But the third lonely creature begged to be free


‘I have delicate wings that fly and that flutter.

I drink nectar from flowers the colour of butter.’


‘I must dance between the plants and the trees.

I need sunshine, warmth, the rain and the breeze’


‘You’re dreaming,’ squeaked a voice.

‘It is here you should be, with the dust and the cobwebs and Spider and me.’


‘No, I am beautiful,’ said the creature.

‘Not dull like you. My wings are patterned red, gold and blue.’


‘My place is out there where everyone can see,  

how attractive and elegant an insect can be.


‘Mouse is right,’ whispered Spider.

‘It is here you were born. You have only known darkness and have never seen dawn.’


‘Looking for light since you left the cocoon.

But the glow you are searching for comes from the moon’


‘I’m sorry,’ he said kindly.

‘To let your hopes down, but the colour of your wings is grey and brown.’


‘You are not the butterfly you imagine to be

All the same, be content with what you can see.’


‘Then, what am I?’ wept the creature, looking quite lost.

“Why friend,” smiled the mouse, “You are a Magnificent Moth”

© Copyright 2018 Ruth Moffett. All rights reserved.

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The Beautiful Bug

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