Impossible Dreams

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an impossible dream...................

Submitted: January 08, 2011

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Submitted: January 08, 2011



Impossible Dreams..


When I sit, lost in my thought, wondering if my dreams’ll ever be true

A tiny voice inside of me, reminds me of all that is new….

The feeling inside me grows with a fervent pitch

It tells me to be patient and yet I Wait for evermore….


I like to dream impossible dreams and wish for them with all my heart

The lie, deceit and complications makes me forget my part

I think life was simple and my heart was true

The dreams kept coming, and they made me get it through………….


Undo my life………… it has never been before

Unwind my mind, let the troubles and worries go

Untie the ropes of strain that peek out of me and make me die in sorrow

Unblock the path that leads me to a better tomorrow….


If I ever think of the past, make me think of the good times not the sad

If tears threaten flow make the feelings borrow my heart

If this is all that life has to offer, make me not wait for what is not “mine”

For Love is right in front of me, let me grab it, there’s so little time

© Copyright 2018 Ruth Peterson. All rights reserved.

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