Is it Love

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This is Love, as i see it

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



Is it love?
Do i love you at all or is it a sense of shame,
my heart is all i have and yet i wonder
The thoughts that cross my mind are hard to tame,
and so i feel, your life’d be better if only i was kinder
Kind I can be, and full of tenderness too,
the injustice of fate is what i cant bear
Your love is all that i ever needed, yet your simple heart,
fills me with despair
Have i done the right thing and chosen the path, i so thought was best
My mind’s a clutter of the faraway past, and the burden of the present,
is so much to bear
Whatever i do, or say or don’t, my thoughts of you are clear
At the deepest and the darkest hour of need;
yours is the only voice i can hear
Will you forgive me? For forgiveness is all i need,
maybe it can help...
Without your touch and the strength of your love;
My life will just flow forever............

© Copyright 2018 Ruth Peterson. All rights reserved.

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