My little Fairy Tale

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the fairy tale ............I wrote this years ago in the memory of my father. I lost him when i was 10 and the pain still hurts like hell.

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



My Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, two winters away, i sat thinking by the fire..

How would it have been if, life had no desire

And then i thought of the forgotten years, The vision of my dreams was so clear

The lullaby that put me off to sleep, a distant memory, a locked treasure...

The man, who was my all and more, the one who shaped my future?

Did u breath your last, thinking of me in this stupor?

All i can wish and hope and pray is, all that i can manage

You left me without a trace of fear and your smile was the saving grace

All you gave was the charm and laughter and the desperation of love

It took me a life-time to unravel the mysteries of your riddle

Now that i feel i know the truth, the darkness is all but gone

And yet i can’t forgive you the treason, but it still makes me smile evermore..

The lessons that i learnt were too heavy on my heart, and my tears too dry

The caress of a stranger, i mistook as love and gave my all too soon

My quest for love was all too consuming and yet i never gave up

Did you ever think of your little girl?

the transition from “you” to “me” so soon?

Or are you running away again, leaving me in despair............

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