The Smile of Me

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How I wish.............

Submitted: November 10, 2010

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Submitted: November 10, 2010



The smile of ‘me’

Have you seen the smile of a child

Whose life is all but dark

The magic of life seems so near

And yet his touch can hurt

The tears of sorrow and of mourning,

Is so much a part of life

That the dear little boy embraces it all

And smiles his ‘smile’ as a warning

His eyes are shut and lips quiverring

A prayer is all he can manage

His tear-drops are like crystal-ice

His face has me unnerving

The fervent kiss, and his loving touch

Is all that matters to me

The boy who was mine and yet unseen

Oh! Its all a dream for me

What i’d give to hold him tight

And never to lose his sight

And yet he is so far apart

And so i know he’ll always be in me

I strain my eyes and cry my tears

Breaking my heart one more crack

The blind sweet boy is all i want

And now i’ve lost him, because i fear!!

© Copyright 2019 Ruth Peterson. All rights reserved.

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