The Story of my life: my truth

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and this is how the story goes............

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



The Story of my Life.........

Deep in the recess of my heart, lies a dormant dream

Distant although its light-years away

Where love comes only in whispers the hapless treasure , that  I so desire....

Igniting the flames that were long forgotten, in to a abyss of  a pit-less mind

Wandering into the  woods and waiting for the soft caress of the night,

I lie awake, troubled and waiting, something.....anything almost all for peace,

And yet it is “I”, ........eyeing the starlit sky, counting them in my fingers

Hoping a little............praying more than ever


Every time the story is repeated over and over again,

My tears fall freely soaking my arms

As though, all i could do is nothing but wrong, breaking the dams of my soul

It comes in secret and washes me ashore  but still my arms are bare...............

I beg and plead, forgiveness is all i seek, love was never meant to be.............

This perfect picture is what gets us in the end, lurking in the dark

We get ready to fall, keep falling again, till the lies don’t stop.............

Then one fine day, all we’ve left is a tortured, poor little heart...


I know this might come as a surprise “me” and the tear streaked face.......

I spare you of my mind “dear-heart” as its a desolate place

Alone is how i’m and what i like to be through the tremors of the heart

A feeling, conquers all, isolates my sorrow drowning me further below the ice

© Copyright 2019 Ruth Peterson. All rights reserved.

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