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I was feeling I haven't ever defined myself. I don't give myself credit. I don't embrace who I am. Then I came up with this piece.

Submitted: February 25, 2014

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Submitted: February 25, 2014



I always think, in the back of my of mind. Who am I?

I'm old enough to know, from now on, it's going to flow.

I can define myself, so that is the sign. I need to let go,

and leave the rest behind. Who I am?

I don't want to be, what others want me to be. 

It seems like that's what I have allowed myself to do.

The time has come, for me to be me.

I'm a rustic woman, so how does that apply.

I'm the kind of woman, that will shy away from a crowd.

Lacking refinement or elegance; coarse.

I'm unsophisticated, simple but still with class. 

I have the charm to melt someone's heart.

Long walks in the country, or even a horseback ride.

Honestly. I don't see no harm or shame, to proclaim. Who I am.

Straight from the "Soul." I'm so proud to be this

"Rustic Woman" I claim I am.

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