Story of a girl

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Submitted: May 30, 2018

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Journey from Sahani to Malhotra

 {Story of an imaginary girl}

The wedding day finally arrived from tomorrow Rehana will no longer be “not yet married “ but “happily ever after” .The whole hall was filled with excitement ,crowd and sorrow. Everyone was busy with one or the other work the hall was decorated with bulbs with the same sprite as it was in the eyes of her parents. But the blubs did not know that they were going to get fused off when the very light of the house was going to glow in someone else’s house and brightened their lives. The doors of the hall were wide open and everyone's eyes glittered and were fixed at the way to welcome the bride .she entered the hall with her long red wedding dress. She was looking so pretty that everyone’s hearts started aching looking at her and the most happiest of them was the bridegroom raised a little from the ground .she was in the starlight of the program with her gorgeous eyes brightened as if the whole star galaxy was in it .She had long golden hair adding beauty to her sweet face as if crowing the uncrowned princess. Her eyes were searching for her other half .when she rolled her eyes her gaze was stuck at a man dressed in black and guess what he was her bridegroom .her eyes became just like the black hole attracting him towards her and her lips broke down into a gentle smile .he forwarded his steps towards her with all his nervousness and offered her a bunch of roses she happily accepted it .the water droplets on the rose petals were staring at her and welcoming her to a new world. After couple of hours the very fragrance of joy turned into sorrow of separation as the marriage was over .her father carried her to the car, she broke down into tears as if a drop of water disturbs the silence of the sea. The strongest man she knew till now was crying in front of her just like an infant and for the first he knew he was to give his bundle of joy, part of his heart and his small little princess which she will always be, to some one else. He knew after this there would be no one to order him to do this and that, no one to increase his bills and no one to make a team with and trouble her mother. The background music just added spice to their emotions .This moment remained forever engraved in their hearts …………..

Two days later…….

She was happy and well settled with her family. She was a business woman .one fine day when she returned her home after her work her mother in law started an unbiased argument and was saying her to change her surname. She being a well educated women denied this thought as she had gained a lot of respect and fame for her father with her name and was proud of that and why not she was correct at a point. A girl who lives half of her with the surname she gets from her father and now someone is saying to leave half of her life and start a new one it’s not justified isn’t it .she decided to talk to her husband on this .he arrived when the clock struck 9pm.she greeted him with a gentle smile which hided lot of queries. After a while she started speaking, “do u know a girl is seen like a climber and is given support of stick that’s her father’s name when it is growing and when it grows up the support is withdrawn and the climber is hung up to the support of tree that’s her husband’s name .why can’t a girl be treated as a undisturbed tree which grows up and turns out to be a huge independent tree. I don’t want to change my surname “she said with a heavy voice. He was listening her by lending his ears so sincerely .she went on and said, “Two whole hearts can’t be together each at his part has to sacrifice and then only the two broken hearts can be united and can be together forever. I did a huge sacrifice by my side by leaving my family now, you to listen and please sacrifice this for me .he agreed on this as he loved her a lot …..

After three years….

Her business got a hike and soon she was very famous. She flourished by her name Rehana Sahani and not by Rehana Malhotra .she considered her husband as her luck charm. One morning she was going for a meeting abroad and he was at the airport to see her off. He was a bit unhappy to let her go as he was going to miss her a lot. He said, “Please don’t go stay with me”. She said, “even if death calls me I will at least inform you and go don’t worry, byeeee”. And she left waving at him, and her flight took off. After 15 min he saw her back he was surprised and was enquiring about her flight. She kept mum and just hugged him with tears rolling down her cheeks .she said,” thank you so much for supporting me. Love we give and receive only matters and is eternal .i will always be there with you in your tears, in your smiles, in your success...the half of my heart will never let you feel my absence…. “.He couldn’t sum anything what she was talking ...their conversation was disturbed with a call saying, “Sir sorry to inform you but your wife is no more with she died 20 min before as the plane crashed” .listening this his blood began running cold he was star stuck .he burst out in anger and said “what the hell are you talking, how dare you say such things my wife is with me .when he turned back there was no one just a cold breeze which went touching his face remembering him of Rehana . He was broken down and started crying he cried and cried and cried a lot... Next day in the newspaper news arrived REHANA MALHOTRA a young business woman met with an accident and is no more with us.

This was the journey of a girl which started with her father’s surname and the world ended it with her husband’s …………

-Rutuja Manisha Rajabhau ….no surname

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