chapter 1

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Nita, a class 11 student is madly in love with rich Amit who is brat living in South Delhi . Her father is strict and possessive about her daughter who doesn't allow her to go out late . This annoys Nita very much and she hate his father.Meanwhile Amit wants to take her on a 3 day trip to Goa so that she can meet his friends and have fun. But Amit have a secret agenda for this trip. Will he succeed? Will his father be able to protect his daughter? Is a relation of father is important than a boyfriend ? Wait for next chapter to be publish

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



\" Mom Iam leavingggg..... \" \" Its 8.30 p.m beta, where you going this late ? \" \" To Rachels home. Remember i told you about seminar report we have to prepare for school fest \" said Nita wearing her new sandal. \"Dad will be home at 10, you better be home soon \" said Mom from the kitchen while making dinner Taking a purse and wearing a jacket on her new Calvin klein top Nita said \" okay mom don't worry I'll be home before dad comes.Now byee.. \" Nita closed the door of her flat and pressed the elevator button.As soon as she was in the lift,she called Rachel \" hey,listen Iam going out with Amit and if my mom calls lie her that i am with you okay ?\" \" Again ! No please.. you know i hate lying to your parents\" said Rachel on the other line. \" pleaseeeee please please please please pleaseeeeeeeee \" \" okay but what am i suppose to say if your mom said she wanna talk to you ? \" Asked Rachel with her caring voice. \"Kabhi huya hai aisa ? \" asked Nita \" nahi \" \" Toh phir kabhi hoga bhi nahi \" Nita hung up and texted Amy schoolmate \" JANNU JZ COMIN IN 5 MIN@PARKING \" Nita reached at parking of her building and looked for a Metallic black Swift car.Building parking was mainly empty bui still Nita looked around and made sure No one was looking. Then she opened the front car door and sat in \" chalooooo chalooo chaloooo........ \" said Nita hurrily \"Okay okay relaxx relaxxxxx no one is looking \" said Amit while accelarating the car \"Wow new hairstyle ? \" asked Nita touching Amits hair. \"Yup.. hey why aren't you wearing the top I gave you?\" \" Wearing right under my jacket \" said Nita taking her jacket off \" Now you looking hot\" said Amit looking at her \" I preffer Pretty .Now concentrate on driving honey \" Crossing Mathura road they got struck at Ring road traffic. Thought Babu market is 15 min drive from New Friends colony its always takes 25 min to reach there due to traffic. Nita loves mucchal halwayi's Jalebi and Samosas so they mostly visit Babu market.Amit never liked street snacks but he had no choice.After taking 2 samosas and 250 gms of jalebi in his hands Amit said \" My friends are planning a trip to Goa and they really want us to join 'em \" \" Goa! Thats so long from Delhi . It'll take 2-3 days just for travelling \" said Nita taking a bite from her samosa \" c'on yaar we never spend more than two hours together \" \" but going out of city for a whole damn week is not possible \" she said being more serious \" arey ,its just 2 day trip ,Will take a flight. It merely takes Two and a half hour \" \" Sach mein ! I never been in a flight\" As Nita's father was a goverment servant she had a very modest upbringing where new clothes were bought only on Diwali that too only for Nita and her younger brother Vivek \" Well , Your boyfriend will take you there \" said Amit Nita went in to wash her hands and her phone started ringing Nita picked up and held her phone on shoulders while washing the hand\" haan Rachel bol \" \" where are you,? your mom called ,i said you were in washroom .You know i hate lying\" she said in angry tone \"Well you didnt lie. I was in washroom inteed \" said Nita coming out on road where Amit was sitting on the table \" ....b... He.....yo.....tell.......n....... sorr ... \" \" I AM IN BABU MARKET. ITS TOO LOUD HERE. I CANT HERE YOU PROPERLY . TALK TO YOU LATTER \" Nita said in loud voice and hung up. The phone was showing 8 miss calls from home . It was already 9.30 p.m .She knew she was late and have to beat the clock to reach home .She ordered Amit to drop her home before her dad reaches. Amit tried hard to reach New Friends colony but couldn't make it on time . The moment they reached parking Of her building ,Nita saw her father taking an elevator. Nita knocked the door in a bit hesitation and nervousness. Vivek opened the door. Her father was sitting on a chair watching News on 21\" flat tv which was one year older than Vivek. \" where were you ? \" asked her father in firm voice . \" She was at Rachel's home for some seminar presentation \" said her mom putting dinner on floor. Singh family usually ate food sitting on floor as there were no space for a Dining table. Another reason was buying a dining table will affect there monthly budget. \" How many times i have to tell you to be home before 9 p.m ? \" shouted dad \" sorry pappa this wouldn't happen again \" said Nita looking at the floor \" Even last time you said this . This is your last warning.whatever things you have for your school finish it at home or at school only . Understood ?\" \" haan pappa \" said Nita still looking at floor After dinner Nita went to her room. She can still hear her fathers voice shouting \" school ki fees bharu ya tujhe football shoes dilau \" . Its was everydays routine. After dinner ,Vivek will nag for a football studs and dad will shout at him or beat him which made Vivek stubborn as mule.Nita changed her cloths to nighwear wearing loose pyjamas and her younger brothers old tee -shirt. She took her mobile from charging and saw Amy classmate's text \" Shall i call you ? \" \" No.. Hitler is being hitler nw \" she replied back After waiting for few mins her phone vibrated \" So you coming for Goa? \" \" No.... No ways \" she replied and turned the lights off Nita waited for few min. But her phone didn't vibrate.she waited even more but still no reply. After waiting for 20 mins she eventually replied \" okay.... I'l think about it \" \" okayyyy my honeyyy.. u d best. Luv ya . ua shona is feeling sleepy nw .catch u latr gn tc sd :) \" replied Amit after 5 min. Nita wanted to chat with him more but as she thought its better not to disturb Amit who is already feeling sleepy . Who feels sleepy at 11.15 p.m ? Not even grandma sleeps before 11.30 p.m.

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